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Are you tired of shift work? Are you seeking an adventure in another part of the country? Are you looking for a way to improve your skills? If you said yes to any of these questions, it’s time to consider the perks of locum tenens work.

The number of locum tenens has been on the rise in recent years. What makes this work so attractive? Here are ten reasons.

10 Perks of Locum Tenens Work

As a medical professional in today’s environment, you may feel like it is time to make a career change. Whether you’re seeking to make more money, gain new experiences, give back to underserved communities, or have the option to take time off when you want it, consider these benefits. 

  1. Earning potential. Whether you’re seeking to work full-time as a traveler or make money in addition to salary at your shift position, there is great earning potential as a locum tenen. The reason is basic economics. The demand for locums is greater than the supply so you will make more money. In remote areas, there aren’t enough doctors to serve the community, so they bring in locums. In other cases, they have staff on leave, sick, or high patient numbers and as a result, need additional staffing.
  2. Travel opportunities. Many of our locums tell us they have dreams of working in a location away from home. They want to explore the Southwest or experience the Northeast, and all points in between. If you’re ready to travel, consider taking your skills and experience on the road.
  3. Freedom to pursue other passions. If you’re ready to explore the desert Southwest or ski the slopes of Colorado, consider locum tenens work. We can try to accommodate a location and schedule on your behalf so you can explore and do what you enjoy. We’ve covered quite a few locations great for hikers, foodies, and adventurers in our blog posts over the last couple of years, so explore here as well!
  4. Networking opportunities. Expanding your professional network is another perk of locum tenens work. Rather than being stagnant in your hometown, you have the opportunity to meet other medical professionals anywhere you decide to take a contract. Maybe you get to work with the physician that inspired you to the medical field. Maybe you just want to have friends from diverse backgrounds. Meeting new people is one of the best parts of being a traveler.
  5. Control your schedule. Our locum tenens love that they can work a contract for 13 weeks and then take a few weeks off. As long as you’re in contact with your AB Staffing Recruiter, you have the ability to control your schedule. This also goes the other way too. If you want to continue at a facility, let your recruiter know so they can explore options on your behalf.
  6. Cure for burnout. If you’re not feeling the spark for your work like you used to, it’s time to explore locum tenens work. Work for 13 weeks and then take a month off for vacation, then go back on the road. It’s a great way to recharge the passion for your work. It’s also less stressful and less administrative hassle than having to request time off, wait for approval, and all that entails.
  7. Take the job for a test drive. Not sure if you want to move to a particular state or city? Not sure if a particular specialty is right for you? Take your career, and your life, for a test drive in a new place and in a related specialty.
  8. More time for family. With the set schedule of a locums position, you’re better able to make plans with loved ones. Take a longer vacation. Explore a new state. Take your family on the road and see what it’s like being a traveler.
  9. Improve skills. Learning from others in your specialty will expand and improve your skills. Ask questions and soak as much knowledge you can from each locum tenens position. You may find you’re interested in a new area or are fulfilled simply from learning from new people.
  10. Opportunity to give back. Many of our locums tell us they love having the opportunity to give back to underserved communities and to younger practitioners. Being a mentor and helping an otherwise community in need is good for the soul. You’ll feel a sense of purpose and light your own passion for your work again.

We have additional information on our blog about the perks of locum tenens work including  Locum Tenens: The Ultimate Guide. In this article, we discuss what the work entails, why it is a lucrative option, and how to get locum tenens jobs.

Ready for your first locum tenens contract? Contact us today to learn more.

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