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As you’re making your list and checking it twice, we wanted to offer our travel nurse gift guide for the favorite healthcare professionals in your life. Whether they love curling up with their favorite book or enjoy a hike in the snow, or something in between, we offer ideas to keep them comfortable while on assignment.

2021 Travel Nurse Gift Guide

Our frontline workers have been working through the pandemic for nearly two years. They’ve tirelessly cared for friends, coworkers, and loved ones of their own and yours. When you’re making your list, think about gifts that are relaxing, make them more comfortable at work, and make life easier for their busy schedules.

Adventure Gifts

Here are our picks for the adventurous travel nurse.

  • Waterproof phone pouches like this one from Amazon are perfect for hiking and other water adventures.
  • Clear water bottle with time marks keeps your busy travel nurse motivated while also staying hydrated.
  • Winter car survival kit that includes hand warmers and a first aid kit. We mentioned it in our previous Gift Ideas for Travel Nurses and though it was a great idea, we’re adding it to the 2021 travel nurse gift guide.

Packing Gift Ideas

Travelers love items and packing hacks. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Packing cubes of different sizes to optimize suitcase space.
  • Suitcases that withstand a lot of travel are important. Our choice is the Away travel products that include hard shell suitcases and more. If you haven’t traveled with an Away bag, you’re missing out!
  • Travel and Leisure offers their picks for backpacks including the Tortuga Outbreaker which is great for hiking trips and can fit in airplane overhead compartments.

At-home Gifts

Ask your travel nurse what type of living situation they have so you can gauge what kind of gift makes the most sense.

  • Portable air purifiers are a great option, especially for those with bad allergies.
  • Weighted blankets from Wayfair are affordably priced and are high quality for your traveler that has trouble sleeping or has anxiety.
  • Cell phone signal booster for remote areas that don’t get great service.

If they’re living in an RV or tiny home, they may need gifts specific for those settings. We offer options in our 2020 Travel Nurse Gift Ideas article.

Clothes for work and home

  • Lululemon leggings are comfortable and healthcare providers are offered a 25% discount.
  • Merino wool socks keep feet warm and dry, great for travelers in colder climates and for hikers.
  • Comfortable slippers are always a good idea!
  • Self-care or spa gift kits from Etsy retailers support small businesses.
  • New scrubs from retailers like Cherokee, FIGS, and other retailers are mentioned in this article from Gypsy Nurse.

We want our travel nurses to be ready for work and ready for relaxation when they get home. It is our hope that our travel nurse gift guide helps you find the perfect gift for your traveler.

If you’re thinking about becoming a travel nurse, we’d love to talk to you! Contact AB Staffing to learn more. Happy Holidays!

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