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Tips For Working Your New Nursing Assignment

Starting a new nursing assignment can be stressful and overwhelming. Even for the most experienced nurses. Policies and procedures can vary wildly from one nursing unit to the next. Learning  essential patient care resources can be challenging. We’ll help you focus on essentials during challenging times. Here are five tips for your new nursing assignment: Seek out tasks and skills in your new nursing assignment It’s important that you get as much hands-on experience during orientation time so you no longer have a preceptor. You will be able to independently perform the duties of your role. There’s a great way to ensure you get maximum exposure to skills and tasks. […]

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So You Want To Be A Travel Nurse?

We love our travel nurses and appreciate everything that they do for patients.  I often receive emails from nurses from around the country wondering what it takes to become a traveling nurse? Though travel nurse requirements vary by location, you may be surprised at how easy it is to start working in this exciting field.  Why Are Travel Nurses Needed? There are various reasons why hospitals hire travel nurses. These may include: difficulty keeping skilled nurses based on a city’s location, need for temporary staff for expected leave of absence for their regular staff, seasonal population increases (migration of snowbirds) like in Arizona and Florida, and simply because there are […]

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Calling All Nurses- Florida Needs Your Help

Florida Is Looking For Nurses To Help In Storm Shelters 1,000 nurses are needed as volunteers in Florida’s emergency storm shelters after Hurricane Irma.  Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced that there was a need for nurses before the storm hit last week. However, now that the storm is over the need is greater than ever. Florida had severe flooding in Jacksonville and the Keys were destroyed by Irma. “Anybody that can come and help us do that, we appreciate it,” Scott said during an appearance on a national morning show. “We need 1,000 nurses, and hopefully we’ll get them.” If you are able to volunteer in Florida, please email the […]

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5 Tips For Traveling With Your Pets

Life on the road as a traveler can be so much more awesome with a great companion. For some, that companion is a significant other, kiddo, or best friend, but for many others, it’s the ultimate in companions. We offer pet-friendly benefits, meaning we will work to find you housing that not only accepts your pets but is also a comfortable fit for their unique needs. We understand that traveling with pets can present some additional challenges but also that it can enhance a Traveler’s experience on assignment. We go above and beyond to make sure your companion can effortlessly become travel companion. You really get the best of both […]

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How to Stay Healthy While On Assignment

If you’re a doctor,  nurse or hold another important job that requires intense periods of focus, commitment, and energy, you can’t afford to make the mistake of eating poor quality food while on assignment. As a traveler, you may know all about the vacuum packed, plastic wrapped food that’s served as breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the plane. On top of poor quality, the portion sizes never seem to touch the edges, leaving you forever opening your wallet for even more overpriced bite-sized morsels. Depending on where in the globe your plane is touching down, you might also have to deal with poor quality food at your destination. However, with […]

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