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Finding the Right Medical Technologist Job for You

  What Should You Look for in a Medical Technologist Job For You?  All medical technologist roles have some similarity — a lack of patient contact (which can be a pro or con), for instance — but there are some aspects of a job that can make your break your decision to sign on. Finding the right Medical Technologist Job can be challenging.  Because of the high industry demand for medical technolgists, you can afford to be picky. Here are some of the elements you can consider as you search for the right Medical Technologist job for you.  Location matters This one’s fairly straightforward, but some thinking outside the box […]

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Locum tenens

Can Locum Tenens Work Enhance a Physician’s Career?

  Building a CV with Locum Tenens Positions Locums work has a mixed reputation. Often locums are doctors with an urge to travel, pay off student loans, or just experiment before finding the perfect job. Some employers can look askance at locum tenens roles on a CV, though; most locum physicians check the boxes above, but some don’t want to stay put for a reason. To avoid prospective employers viewing your CV this way, it’s important to think through all of the opportunities moving around facilities give you that a doctor who stays at the same facility forever just doesn’t have. A variety of career experience A long tenure at […]

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Locum tenens photo

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Locum Tenens

Why Become a Locum Tenens? Locum work may be something you’ve thought idly about but never really pursued. Many physicians are drawn in by the allure of travel, but there are are other factors for you to consider: Pros You can pay down debt — fast If you’re committed to practicing in a particular location, your income can be limited by the area’s opportunities, cost of living, and more. By being flexible in the assignments you take, you can maximize your earning potential. Some locales have a tough time recruiting physicians, so wages are commensurately higher. Often, locums assignments include stipends or other arrangements for travel and lodging, letting you […]

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First travel nursing assignment photo

First Travel Nursing Assignment Tips

What to Think About When You Start Your First Travel Nursing Assignment You’ve scoured the job postings, found the perfect one, and accepted your first travel nursing gig. Now what? Keep the home fires burning What should you do to prep your life and home for an extended absence? If you’re not going to be maintaining a permanent residence, you’ll still need to account for your bills and mail somehow. Signing up for online bill pay can help quite a lot. Also, making sure your apartment or house — and the items in it — don’t take serious damage is important. If you are going to maintain a permanent home […]

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Living and Working in Portland, Oregon

If you’re looking for a location that offers a range of just about everything, living and working in Portland, Oregon is for you. From food to transportation, this is a growing and vibrant community of economic and socially minded people. Seriously, there’s not a bad place to eat or drink, and when you’re done with your local fare, drop the container in the solar powered compacting garbage can. I know you’re thinking this place can’t be real but it is. Let’s start with the food. This place is foodie paradise.  The food channels need to only broadcast from Portland. From the neighborhood hideaway Ava Gene’s to the blocks of food […]

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