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Have you ever wished for information about moving to a new destination or caring for your patients? If you’re like a lot of our practitioners, the answer is likely YES. In this article, we outline apps for medical professionals to use for travel, provide an on-the-go reference for symptoms and diagnoses, and help you get settled into a new city. Free and paid versions of these apps are available for iPhone and android.

Apps for Preparing for a Travel Assignment

You’re getting settled into a new travel assignment and we want to be sure you’re not distracted by needing help packing, moving, or finding your way around your new location. Here are resources you will find useful:

app-for-travel-nursesHire Helper – If you’re moving and don’t have the time or energy to drag boxes to your new home, you can HireAHelper. Whether you’re a travel nurse in a new city or just moving across town, you don’t have to do it alone. Their simple, upfront pricing takes the guesswork out of hiring.

Waze – This app is great for medical professionals who are working in a new city. Not sure how to get to your new job? Ready for a daytrip? Waze utilizes its community of drivers to provide current traffic information. Never be late to work when you know the Waze around town.

PackPoint – Not sure what to pack? Whether it is a daytrip or a cross country drive, download PackPoint. This app organizes what you need to pack, including weather-related gear, based on route and destination.

Apps for Medical Professionals to Help at Work

 Are you trying to track shift workers or need medical terms at a glance? We’ve got these apps for you:

ShiftLife – Designed for shift workers, ShiftLife is the calendar app that allows users to organize shifts, record hours, and calculate pay. Not only that but users can see training, on-call, and other important days. 

NurseGrid – Tired of the time it takes to manage the work schedules of your team? NurseGrid was founded by RNs with a mission to help nurses take control of their time by managing schedules of multiple people, including shift trading and messaging each other. Take yourself out of the equation and let your team take the lead!

Medscape – Using Medscape, users can identify pills, over the counter drugs, and supplements as well as find proper dosages and drug interactions.

3D4Medical – Have you ever tried explaining a diagnosis to a patient? We’re willing to bet you’ve drawn your fair share of pictures! Put the pen and paper away and download the 3d4Medical app Complete Anatomy, a 3D model, and show patients and caregivers what is happening. Other apps include Complete Heart and Essential Anatomy.

Apps to Explore Your Route or Destination

When it comes to Apps for Medical Professionals, we offer the following suggestions for your adventures away from work.

travel-nurse-hikingRoadtrippers – Use saved places to develop a route, find places to visit on your route, and save or share directions to your favorite places when you use Roadtrippers. Users like you will find new hidden gems as you make your way to your new destination.

AllTrails – Ready for a hike? AllTrails offers more than 50,000 hand-curated trail maps whether you’re hiking, running, or biking. Use GPS to track your trip anytime, anywhere.

LiveTrekker – Bring your adventure to life when you use LiveTrekker to track your trips, and pin photos, videos, audio, and add text entries to fine tune your experience. Not only that, but users can search through their data to find destinations and routes from past trips. Pretty cool for travel medical professionals and travel bloggers alike.

When it comes to apps for medical professionals, there are many options for helping you at work, preparing for a new destination, and getting around once you’re settled into your new home. Interested in travel positions for medical professionals? Check out our Open Positions and begin your journey today!

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