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Get To Know AB Staffing Recruiter Bryan Schrimmer

Why did I Choose to work in Healthcare recruiting or within the field of Healthcare? Why did I choose Healthcare? This is an easy question for me to answer and it all boils down to one experience, an intense one at that, which occurred in a remote part of Colorado. It was the summer of 2010, and a few close friends and I went to stay at a cabin on the Western Slope of CO. This cabin is OLD, hardly has running water, an outhouse located in the backyard, no electricity and wood burning stoves to cook and heat the home with. We were sleeping in our tents in the […]

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The Traveling Pet Series- 1. How To Select A Crate For Your Pet

There is nothing like the love of a pet. Pets can provide joy and happiness after a long day at work. As a pet-friendly company, we take pleasure in providing the resources that our contractors will need when traveling with their pets. We will do our best to find housing that can accommodate your animals while you are on assignment. There are a few other things that you should keep in mind to help your pet have a safe and easy transition. Selecting A Crate We believe that it is important that travelers keep their pets happy and healthy while living in their new locations. However, the first thing that […]

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Meet Recruiter Jay Ward

“Tough Chapters in Life are Only Part of the Story:” My Connection to Healthcare as a Recruiter One thing I always like to learn about people I interact with, whether it’s for business or just in everyday life, is to learn what their “story” is. Everybody has a story obviously, and I think having somebody give you a look behind the curtain of their lives and what motivates them can go a long way to building a strong and long-lasting relationship. In the business of recruiting/staffing, this is of the utmost importance. Providers get calls and emails all day long, every day, and if I can genuinely ask them to […]

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Employee Of The Year Alison Wiege

All employees like to be recognized and appreciated for the work that they do for their employer. Employee recognition programs provide an opportunity to recognize and thank the staff for their contributions, dedication, and commitment to AB Staffing. Each year our company recognizes employees through The Employee of the Year Award to recognize the contributions of employees who achieved outstanding results based on a ratio between the number of placements made and revenue growth. Hence, providing the opportunity to recognize employees for their valuable contributions to AB Staffing and congratulate them on reaching company goals. While many of our employees may qualify for the Employee of the Year award, only […]

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Rock and Roll with Jimmy Baldwin, Nurse Janet Thurston and Alice Cooper

So many of our recruiters are involved with different charities and events outside of working at AB Staffing. Consequently, AB Staffing recruiter Jimmy Baldwin is involved with the Solid Rock Foundation. While working at AB Staffing, Jimmy developed a bond with one of his travel nurses by the name of Janet Thurston. Hence, when Janet came to Phoenix, she made sure that she reached out to Jimmy to let him know that she was attending a benefit concert to support Alice Cooper’s Foundation Solid Rock ( The Solid Rock provides Foundation provides free after-school arts programs to teens in the North Phoenix area of Arizona. Some of the free programs […]

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