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Best Hiking Trails

Whether you’re ready for hiking in the sunshine or venturing out in the colder months, we’ve got travel nurse jobs and allied health jobs wherever you want to go! The best hiking trails are in states with beautiful state and national parks like Arizona and Idaho. Here are a few of our picks for your next adventure.

As with any hiking, research before leaving so you’re prepared with the proper gear, including water and sunblock, and the proper permits and passes.


Arizona of course has the Grand Canyon with all of its trails and beauty. As stated on the National Park Arizona website, there are no easy trails here. It takes a bit of experience but it’s worth it, as is Supai, Arizona. Supai requires reservations and because it is a closed community, may still have restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Other options in Arizona for best hiking trails include the Sedona area which includes Red Rock State Park and Slide Rock. In addition, there are trails throughout the Phoenix area including South Mountain, Silly Mountain, and Hieroglyphic Trail.

New Mexico

Check out All Trails for hiking and backpacking excursions in New Mexico; there are more than 1400 listed! Picacho Peak in the Santa Fe National Forest, Williams Lake Trail in the Carson National Forest, and Osha Trail in the Lincoln National Forest are a few of the many options here.

North Dakota

North Dakota Tourism offers a variety of options for hikers with all levels of experience. Like Arizona, there are recreational routes in the more populated areas and more challenging routes the farther into the wilderness you travel. Little Missouri State Park, Turtle Mountain State Forest, and Theodore Roosevelt State Park are among the most popular offering views, wildlife, and trails. Little Missouri is also available for horseback riders and others are available for bikes too. Based on the difficulty level, you can choose your own adventure and go for it!


With 700+ miles of hiking trails, there is a path for everyone. Glacier National Park is among the favorites. Highline Trail at Glacier National Park, Beehive Basin Trail near the Big Sky Resort, and Holland Falls National Recreation Trail in Flathead National Forest are among the most popular and beautiful. Stay on the trails and plan ahead, as always.


We’ve written about the Seattle area in a Getting to Know Seattle article a while back. We mention the craft beer and coffee, the seafood, and of course, the best hiking trails. These include Discovery Park which is operated by Seattle Parks and Recreation as well as Mount Rainier which offers nature trails and hikes for all levels. The Washington Trails Association has a guide where users can choose the area, trail features, parking passes and fees, and other information. Puget Sound and Islands in Bellingham, Yakima in central Washington, and Snoqualmie Area offer a variety of options for hiking, camping, and sightseeing.


You might be surprised to learn Idaho has quite a few hot springs to visit. While Kirkham Hot Springs is right off the highway, Rocky Canyon might be a better option for the more experienced adventurers as it requires a hike to get there. Lava Hot Springs offers a more family-friendly setting with options to stay in the area.

When it comes to hiking trails, Idaho has plenty. Scotchman Peak Trail in the Kaniksu National Forest, Freddy’s Stack Rock Trail in the Boise National Forest, or the Alice Lake-Twin Lake- Edith Lake Loop in the Sawtooth National Forest are among the most popular and scenic. Explore Idaho Falls and the Snake River area. Keep in mind, there are trails that may require a permit or have rules about bringing dogs, so educate yourself before heading to the trail.

Alaska Trails

As we’re sure you might imagine, the weather in Alaska doesn’t lend itself to hiking except in the summer months, with a guide, and for experienced hikers. There is opportunity for other activities such as sledding and snowshoeing.

Located on the northern tip of Alaska, making it the northernmost point in the United States, Utqiagvik, Alaska is a popular location for driving a four-wheeler on the shoreline. Once called Point Barrow, when the Utqiagvik sunsets in mid-November, you will not see it again until mid-January. The average high temperature remains below zero from December through March.

Wherever you decide to take an assignment, adventure is out there for you. Explore Alaska. Warm up in the Idaho hot springs. Catch sunshine in Arizona or see the vast beauty of Montana and North Dakota. Wherever you go, research, plan ahead and bring weather-appropriate gear.

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