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The best travel nursing agencies are hard to find. There are over 300 agencies and reviews are spread across multiple services. Meanwhile, travel nursing companies are pivotal in a travel nurse’s career. Therefore, travel nurses work hard to seek out the best agencies. Blue Pipes compiled over 79,000 reviews from the most reputable review sources to bring you their list of the best travel nursing companies of 2020.

Here is the full article of Blue Pipes Best Travel Nursing Companies for 2020.

AB Staffing is proud to announce that we made the Blue Pipes List of Best Travel Nurse Companies for 2020!

Coming in at #8, this is our first year on the list and we couldn’t be more excited. We want to say thank you to all of the amazing providers that reviewed us this year and we look forward to working with you in the future.

AB Staffing had a huge year with reviews from healthcare professionals like travel nurses, allied health professionals, advanced practice providers, and locum physicians. We nearly doubled our total number of reviews by adding 230 new reviews to bring us to a total of 475 reviews.

We received the bulk of our new reviews on Facebook, Google and Glassdoor and Travel Nursing Central and our average scores increased on all four platforms.

While we are known for our work with Indian Health Services (IHS) and the VA, we have recently branched out into the private market as well, working with state and county facilities.

The top 20 companies’ Blue Pipes travel nursing reviews indicate that they all provide exceptional service. That said, each company has unique benefits and services. Additionally, they may have access to different jobs. They may also differ with respect to their job offerings by region of the country.

Ultimately, the companies you choose should be those that can meet your unique needs.

If you are interested in learning more about AB Staffing Solutions and how we can help you find a travel nursing position, Apply Now or give us a call at 888.515.3900.


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