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Let’s start by saying it is a big deal when you cancel a travel nurse contract. It impacts you, the facilities we work with, and their patient care. We understand that once in a while, things like family emergencies may occur that dictate your availability, but we urge you to communicate with your recruiter to see what other options you have. Our recruiters work hard building relationships with facilities and travel nurses like you. We strive to contract where you desire and where there is a need for someone with your experience and credentials. Canceling a travel nurse contract could have an effect on many people and even on your career in the future.

Canceling a Travel Nurse Contract: YOU

Whether you canceled before leaving for an assignment or in the middle of one, you no longer have the work, income, and insurance when you are not employed. In addition, you already spent time finding AB Staffing, sending in paperwork to get submitted and credentialed, and interviewed with the facility to be selected as one of our travel nurses. Not everyone gets the opportunity.

You may be subject to fees from the facility, agency, or housing for canceling. Not only that but in some cases, you’ve burned a bridge with the facility or hospital system that can impact your future work.

Canceling a Travel Nurse Contract: AB Staffing

It should go without saying that if your reputation and employability at a particular facility is in question, so is ours. Canceling a travel nurse contract should not be taken lightly. Throughout our hiring and onboarding processes, we tell you about the importance of communicating with your recruiter. Recruiters will tell you they work at all hours to find the right assignments for our medical professionals. Not fulfilling your obligation is essentially a waste of your time because you went through the entire submission and credentialing process and a waste of the recruiter’s time for the effort they put in to get you the job.

Always communicate with us along the way so we understand your concerns and availability for the best outcome. We know issues or family emergencies come up making communication with your recruiter key to keep the process smooth for all involved. We may be able to move your start date back or negotiate other details that can help you fulfill your contract. If we know what is going on, we can better help you figure out the best solution.

Before canceling a travel nurse contract, please consider the following:

  1. You need to contact your recruiter immediately to see what your options are. You may be able to change your start date or make arrangements. If you cancel without explanation, this can ruin the trust between you and your recruiter and prevent them from wanting to work with you again.
  2. Costs of canceling a travel nurse contract may include housing and transportation fees. If your agency pays to fly you out to your contract or pays for your housing, you may be responsible to pay it back. Also, if you sign a lease with a landlord, you will be responsible for handling the remainder of it or any cancellation fees.
  3. When you cancel a travel nurse contract, it affects the facility and could affect the patients in their care. This goes without saying, but the hospitals that hire travelers need short term staff to fill open positions and if they are short-staffed, there is a possibility that it could affect the quality of healthcare at that facility. Other nurses will have to work more or cover your shifts making it upsetting and disappointing for all those involved.
  4. If you cancel, you may be ineligible to return to work in that hospital system. Because hospitals merge often, this could impact your future ability to be hired within another organization and negatively impact your income and experience for years to come.

AB Staffing Recruiters understand that life happens and that may mean you need to cancel a travel nurse contract. Before making a final decision, we encourage you to call your recruiter to discuss the circumstances to see if there is another solution. We work with many facilities across the country and have experience managing all types of situations that may arise.

If you’d like to learn more about working with AB Staffing, please call AB Staffing at 888.515.3900 or Search our travel jobs here.

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