• 2024 Nursing Healthcare and Therapy Conventions

    Register for this year’s conventions to get involved in your nursing, healthcare, and therapy communities. One of the benefits of attending conventions is the ability to earn credit for [...]

  • Strengthening Communities – AB Staffing Volunteer Work

    At AB Staffing, we believe in creating experiences that engage and serve people and communities across the nation. This means fulfilling our mission of being the leading provider of healthcare [...]

  • Nurses Week Freebies

    Happy Nurses Week!! We appreciate all you do for the communities in which you serve. To help you celebrate, we are sharing nurses week freebies for you to enjoy. Grab your favorite foods, apparel [...]

  • Medical Technologist Spotlight with Charito

    We had the opportunity to talk to Medical Technologist Charito about her background and experience. Charito, who goes by the nickname Chat, was born and raised in the Philippines. It was there [...]

  • Male Nursing Statistics

    Male Nursing Statistics 2022-2023, 2021-2020 More men are employed as registered nurses (RNs) today than any other time in history, even though men once dominated the nursing profession. Are you [...]

  • Traveler Spotlight – Nicky, Licensed Professional Counselor

    We love sharing stories about our travelers! From our travel social worker Jen telling us about how the timing was right for her and her husband to make a change, to our Physician Assistant Matt [...]

  • Physician Assistant Matt on the Frontline Fighting COVID-19

    The team at AB Staffing is always eager to hear from our travel medical professionals. Physician Assistant Matt offered his story of how he got started as a PA, why he took a crisis contract, and [...]

  • What to Know When Taking a Crisis Nurse or COVID-19 Contract

    If you’re thinking about taking a crisis nurse or COVID-19 contract, AB Staffing recruiters are here to support you. We also want you to know this isn’t like other contracts because of the [...]

  • Take Care of Yourself While Caring For Others with Coronavirus

    During this time of need, it is especially important for you to take care of yourself while caring for Coronavirus patients. As healthcare workers, you have the gifts of caring and empathy and it [...]

  • How to Be the Best Version of Yourself

    All too often we walk through life on autopilot, not stretching ourselves. Maybe it’s fear or maybe it is the busy-ness of life. This year we challenge you to be the best version of yourself by [...]

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    As 2019 ends, we want to share our AB Staffing top blog posts for medical professionals. Whether you’re a travel social worker, travel nurse, locum tenen, allied health or mental health [...]

  • Top Podcasts for Medical Professionals

    Looking for something new and different to listen to while on assignment? Whether you want an educational, fun, or lifestyle podcast, we’ve got a list of the top podcasts for medical [...]

  • Why Mental Health Professionals Matter – Mental Health Awareness Month

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month and for us at AB Staffing, that means a focus on the job opportunities that we have available for nurses, physicians, and psychologists in this specialty. Our [...]

  • Living and Working in Portland, Oregon

    If you’re looking for a location that offers a range of just about everything, living and working in Portland, Oregon is for you. From food to transportation, this is a growing and vibrant [...]

  • Get To Know AB Staffing Recruiter Bryan Schrimmer

    Why did I Choose to work in Healthcare recruiting or within the field of Healthcare? Why did I choose Healthcare? This is an easy question for me to answer and it all boils down to one [...]

  • AB Staffing Open House Event- Hiring Event

    AB Staffing Open House- Hiring Event! Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Are you ready to further your career while making a difference in the lives of others? We are looking to [...]

  • Welcome to Supai

    Traveling around the country can be both a rewarding and enriching experience.  Many travel nurses say that there is no better feeling than learning about new cultures while advancing their [...]

  • Kevin Poor Bear of the Lakota Sioux Nation

    AB Staffing is a travel nurse staffing agency   The Lakȟóta people and Teton Sioux are part of a confederation of seven related Sioux tribes, the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ or seven council fires, and [...]

  • 2017 American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Meeting ~ 2017- We Hope To See You There!

    AB Staffing Solutions, LLC is proud to be attending the 2017 ACP Excellence in Medical Education Conference in San Diego, CA!  This is the American College of Physicians’ Internal Medicine the [...]