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If you’re thinking about taking a crisis nurse or COVID-19 contract, AB Staffing recruiters are here to support you. We also want you to know this isn’t like other contracts because of the seriousness of the pandemic. We need you to be flexible and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Hospitals need you now. Here are some things to know when deciding to take a Crisis Response or COVID-19 contract.

Crisis Nurse or COVID-19 Contract: What You Need to Know


Be Flexible. This is not the time to ask for certain hours or shifts. You may be working days and/or nights on eight or 12-hour shifts. We will not be able to accommodate any scheduling requests so please be flexible.

Be ready to drop everything and go. Facilities need help now. We may talk to you today and put you on a plane tomorrow or the next day. The need is urgent so expect the process to move quickly. Pack the essentials now so you are ready for the call.

Help in any way possible. In this time of great need, you must be a team player. As long as your health and safety are prioritized, expect that your help and expertise will be needed in different ways. There is always risk involved so make sure to communicate with you recruiter with any issues that arise.

Travel and housing are covered. While we may have you on a plane quickly, know that with most of these contracts the cost of your travel and housing are covered. These short-term contracts are set up through and paid for by the government.

Be supportive. Your role may be different than what you’ve done in the past. That is because this pandemic is like nothing most of us have ever experienced. If you are supporting people who are quarantined, you may be a friend lending a listening ear. Let the patients tell their stories. Support them however the facility needs you to.


We appreciate your willingness to work in this great time of need and so will the facilities that need help. If you are interested in learning more about these travel nurse positions please APPLY NOW or give us a call at 888.515.3900.


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