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Find Education Professional Jobs In Arizona With High Pay With AB Staffing

Are you looking for high-paying teaching or education professional jobs in Arizona? Education professionals in Arizona are finding great jobs in educational institutions across Arizona through AB Staffing. We work with schools in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, and Surprise, among other cities, to get the best compensation and benefits package for you. In addition, our recruiters will help you find the best special education teacher, school psychologist, speech-language pathologist, and school nurse opportunities in Arizona.

At AB Staffing, we understand that education professionals should have more options than the standard school benefits package. Our benefits package for school professionals includes insurance, retirement plans, and supply stipends for each role. Read on to find out how we can help.

high paying education teacher jobsSpecial Education Teacher Jobs in Arizona

As a special education teacher, you work closely with children with various physical, mental, emotional, and learning disabilities. You’ll also apply different teaching processes to help learners acquire knowledge and achieve academic goals. In addition, you’ll work closely with school psychologists, speech pathologists, and teaching assistants to create an integrated plan for your students.

You’ll be expected to frequently update parents on their children’s progress. Also, you’ll work with parents to establish behavior controls and support systems at home. Ultimately, you ensure that each of your students transitions smoothly into the next stage of their lives.

Your role requires critical thinking, empathy, patience, excellent communication, and innovation to handle each child individually. An ideal SPED teacher position should accommodate your mental, emotional, and physical demands to help you perform your job properly. After taking the time to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, becoming a certified special education teacher in AZ, and gaining experience, you’ll want a job that meets your needs.

AB Staffing connects you to Special ED jobs in Arizona. Most jobs provide contracts with full-time hours and follow the academic district calendar. The health benefits include medical, dental, and vision insurance plans. You also have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and can save for your retirement through a 401(k).

What about your time off? Special ED teacher jobs in Arizona offer paid vacation time subject to eligibility and a monthly supply stipend. Please browse our site for more information on special education teacher jobs in Arizona.

School Psychologist

education jobs with high payAs a school psychologist, you’ll play a unique role where you assist students in overcoming health, behavioral and social problems while collaborating with other educators. In addition, you will provide individual and group counseling to promote healthy coping mechanisms, emotional regulation, and resilience.

Besides being a qualified and licensed school psychologist, you should also be supportive, a good communicator, and a critical thinker. Both your academic and soft skills are compounded over years of learning and practice.

You’ll assess entire school populations to determine which students qualify for special assistance and identify opportunities for intervention. Also, you’ll collaborate with school counselors and teachers to advocate for students’ well-being and create strategies to boost students’ personal and academic development. Furthermore, you’ll advise schools and parents on disciplinary measures and correct referrals to special education and mental health.

As such, you need a job in Arizona that supports your role. Fortunately, AB Staffing connects you to school psychology opportunities that enable you to assist community members while enjoying a healthy and fulfilling life. School psychologist jobs in Arizona offer full-time, on-premise independent contractor roles.

AB Staffing recruiters help you find a job with weekly pay to sort your expenses and emergencies. We also help you negotiate a good salary and extra compensation.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Many children of varying ages struggle with speech sounds, understanding languages, voice, fluency, and social communication. Fortunately, interventions in school help these children improve their speech and language and lead better lives.

As a speech-language pathologist (SLP), you diagnose speech disorders, help students develop speech skills, and train teachers and parents on how best to support kids with speech disorders. You’re also expected to select appropriate treatment methods and record your evaluations, patient goals, and progress.

Working as a speech pathologist requires one-on-one interaction with your students and frequent reporting to other concerned parties. As such, an offer that improves your quality of life makes it easier to perform your role.

Through AB Staffing, you can find speech-language pathologist opportunities that provide and health insurance with dental and vision coverage. What’s more, these employment opportunities also help you plan for your retirement with 401 (k) plans. With AB Staffing, you can negotiate how much you wish to contribute to your retirement plan. In addition, with full-time opportunities in Arizona, you can enjoy time off in the summer and a monthly supply stipend.

Apply now to find the right speech-language therapist job in AZ for you.

School Nurse

Students often encounter health problems that require healthcare assistance. Health issues include flu, asthma attacks, injuries, or children with medically fragile needs requiring one-on-one services.

As a school nurse in an Arizona educational institution, you may also collaborate with other healthcare professionals to train students and staff on performing CPR, giving first aid, and organize school-wide tests for BMI, blood pressure, and vision. You may also perform administrative tasks such as maintaining health records and advising the school on health measures.

With AB Staffing, you can apply for various school nurse opportunities in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, and Surprise. If you are a licensed RN or LPN in Arizona, you can enjoy perks such as health insurance, a flexible spending account, and a 401 (k) retirement plan. In addition, with AB Staffing, you can negotiate competitive pay and other benefits if necessary since our compensation packages are flexible.

AB Staffing Is Currently Offering Opportunities for Education Professionals

Are you ready to advance your professional education career with the right job? At AB Staffing, we connect you to the best employer and career opportunities with high pay and excellent benefits. We have jobs for education professionals near you, wherever you are in Arizona. Feel free to browse our jobs and find out how we assist education professionals.

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