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Whether you’re working on a Native American Reservation in Zuni or Shiprock, the state capital of Santa Fe, or the most populated city of Albuquerque, you’re sure to experience the southwest including the unique cultures, food, and activities when you work in New Mexico. Cool fact about Santa Fe is that it is 7,000 feet above sea level making it the highest state capital in the United States. New Mexico is officially a bilingual state according to their constitution, and one out of three families speaks Spanish at home, making it a great choice for bilingual medical professionals.

experience the southwest

Perhaps most recognized for being home to The Manhattan Project which developed the world’s first atomic bomb that was detonated on July 16, 1945 at the White Sands Testing Range near Alamagordo, New Mexico is much more than proving grounds for bombs. Food, art, museums, and southwest culture dominate this area.

Experience the Southwest – New Mexico

New Mexico is home to the longest river, the Rio Grande, which runs the entire length of the state. Experience the southwest when you enjoy white river rafting, camping, and other outdoor adventures along the river and across the state.

experience the southwest

If you’re looking for adventures, visit Taos. Home to Pretty Woman star Julia Roberts and about 5,000 other people, this beautiful travel nurse town north of Santa Fe offers museums, skiing, snowboarding, biking, rock climbing, and eco-tourism for all levels of weekend warriors.

Albuquerque offer festivals, museums, food with a southwest flare, eco-tourism, and more. Known around the world for its annual hot air balloon festival in the fall, Albuquerque is home to just over 550,000 people, making it the most populated city in the state.

Just an hour outside Albuquerque is the quaint artist retreat of Santa Fe.

Brimming with galleries and food from around the globe, Santa Fe offers a laid-back style of a small town with the amenities of a city. Stop by the Loretto Chapel and learn about the mysteries surrounding the spiral staircase – the builder, the type of wood used, and the physics of the construction. Even if you’re not into studying churches, the story of this chapel is worth the stop. 

Hatch, New Mexico is home to the best green chili peppers in the nation, if not the world. If you’ve never experienced a fresh Hatch green chili, not the stuff you can buy in a can, you’ve not yet lived. The Hatch Green Chili Store offers raw and roasted chilis along with a variety of related products. Pre-orders start in January so grab the chilis while they’re available! A portion of all online sales funds non-GMO chili pepper research at New Mexico State University.

New Mexicans are serious about their food and there’s no shortage of events like the Las Cruces Whole Enchilada Festival the first weekend in October, where you can experience the world’s largest enchilada.

Whether you’re an athlete, foodie, or artist in your free time, you’re sure going to love your experience in New Mexico! See our full list of New Mexico job openings here.

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