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Travel nursing began when nursing experienced a countrywide shortage in the 80s. To attract registered nurses to the vacant positions, employers offered higher pay and housing and relocation costs.

Today, travel nursing is more than about fixing shortages. It’s a flexible way to do what you love and see the world while at it. But finding a travel nursing job isn’t always easy. There are specialization considerations too. And some locations may not work for you.

To be on the safe side, you need an agency that has your needs at heart and is quick in placement. Whether you’re an RN or a CNA, AB Staffing can help you find the perfect travel nurse jobs near you.

We’ve compiled helpful info on what to expect in different specializations as a young traveling medical professional.

Critical Care/ ICU

The ICU is about intensive care. Most patients in this unit are recovering from invasive surgery, accident trauma, or organ failure. Some arrive while unconscious from emergency rooms. And with COVID-19 inflating the need for medical professionals, ICU travel nursing is in high demand.

Your primary job is to monitor their recovery, manage drug dosage and ventilator support.  ICU nursing also comes with instances of sudden patient deterioration. You must have the confidence and skill to take emergency action in such cases.

You have to pass your NCLEX-RN exam and be licensed by the state where you serve.  You should possess a BLS/CPR certificate and a year of experience in general clinical care. Hospitals don’t use the same standard of equipment, therefore, be ready to learn on the go.

As a Critical Care Registered Nurse, you can work in pediatric intensive care, neonatal, cardiac care, telemetry, progressive care, and ER. Find jobs in ICU and critical care near you.

Operating Room Nurse

In a normal OR setting, expect high demands for keeping the room aseptic and standing for hours. You will collaborate with surgeons as a scrub or circulator nurse.

As a circulator nurse, your job description is overseeing patient care before the surgery begins, during surgery, and post-surgery. Interviewing the patient, assisting the certified registered nurse anesthetist, doing scrub-ins, checking and documenting patient vitals, and talking with loved ones also fall on your lap.

As a Scrub Nurse, you will pass instruments during surgery, dress wounds, and maintain sharps and gauze count. You can be called in at any time too. Find a job in an OR near you.

Psychiatric Nurse

For nurses looking for a challenge, working in psychiatric mental health nursing is a perfect fit. Expect to relate with mental health patients as groups or individuals. You’ll also liaise with their loved ones for more effective treatment. You need hands-on experience in making assessments and implementing diagnostic interventions as advised by your superiors.

As a Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, you’ll work directly with patients with mental disorders. A psychiatric mental health nurse must be an Associate Degree holder, must have passed the NCLEX exam, and have a license from the federal government. The more mental health training courses you have, the better for you. Search for jobs in psychiatric care near you.

Labor and Delivery

The labor and delivery unit is both delicate and exciting for people who love the joy newborns bring. You will take moms through pre-labor, active labor, and post-delivery.

You will also directly care for moms and infants, give them medication, monitor their vitals, perform therapeutic and diagnostic examinations, and handle relevant paperwork. You will work closely with doctors, obstetricians, gynecologists, and other professionals in labor units. Find jobs in labor and delivery near you.

Emergency Room

The ER is fast-paced and keeps ER professionals on their toes at all times.  Speed and efficiency, therefore, should be at the tips of your fingers. Your ability to stay calm and multitask will also come in handy for you. Although you should expect anything, your daily patients will be women in labor, people who’ve suffered a stroke or cardiac arrest.

ER nursing demands knowledge on how to start IV lines, do a blood transfusion, set bones, perform rescue breathing and CPR, and stitching. Compassionate communication will help you to calm down patients in excruciating pain and panicked family members. You will liaise with ICU nurses who often deal with similar; cases.

You must have an associate degree in nursing and pass the NCLEX exam to qualify as an ER nurse. The Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing can certify you after working in the ER for 2 years. Other certifications available include helicopter nursing, pediatric emergency, and ambulance nursing. Search for ER jobs near you here.

Medical-Surgical and Telemetry

As a telemetry nurse, you will interpret the reading on tech devices and monitor patient vitals like blood pressure, oxygen levels, heart rhythm, and breathing. You may also change IVs or start them for patients released from intensive care to prevent readmissions. Be ready to stand for long, and talk compassionately with patients and their loved ones at all times. To qualify for Telemetry care, you must pass RCLEX-RN (the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses) and get a license from your state of practice. Search for Medical-surgical telemetry jobs near you here.

Why You Should Choose AB Staffing

As a young health professional, the last thing you need is a job without adventure. We can link you up with high paying jobs in prime destinations all around the country. You just have to choose your favorite. We offer housing assistance, vision, dental, and medical insurance plans for your contracts, 401K plans, licensing reimbursement, a paid vacation once you’re eligible, and referral bonuses. You also get deposits every week. You don’t have to worry about delayed pay with us. Upload your resume here to start this exciting journey.

How to Get the Best Travel Nursing Deals

Whether you love evening strolls on the beach, big city life, or a quiet rural hospital, AB staffing will get you what you want, place you quickly and pay you handsomely. Browse our jobs here, or contact us today and we’ll be more than willing to assist.

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