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What do you think about when considering your first travel nursing assignment? Maybe you’re nervous about missing friends and family. Maybe you’re nervous about exploring a new place. Or maybe this is your dream becoming a reality. Think about why you applied for a travel nurse position, get packed, and enjoy your assignment!

Keep the home fires burning.

What should you do to prep your life and home for an extended absence? If you’re not going to be maintaining a permanent residence, you’ll still need to account for your bills and mail somehow. Signing up for online bill pay can help quite a lot. Also, making sure your apartment or house — and the items in it — don’t take serious damage is important.

If you are going to maintain a permanent home base, there is considerably more to think about. Emptying and unplugging the fridge is one concern; another is making sure someone is checking on the place regularly so that you aren’t the victim of theft or vandalism. You might benefit from having someone pay you rent and live on the premises while you’re away. They’ll get a flexible and possibly financially advantageous deal, and you’ll get someone to occupy the space and hopefully prevent any disasters.

Make a list of everything you’re excited to do in your new city or town.

Homesickness may strike you once the shine of a new opportunity wears off. So keep the shine strong by exploring the things that made you accept the assignment in the first place. Maybe it’s big city lights or a friendly small town feel or beautiful natural wonders at your doorstep. Even if you’re primarily motivated by making the most of your income, having a fun way to spend your off hours can make travel nursing more sustainable in the long term.

Think about your career goals.

Many travel nurses like the new experiences of living all over the country and the higher pay. But what about all of the opportunities you’ll have to learn new skills and ways of doing things? You may be looking at a short stint as a travel nurse or might be in it for the long haul; whatever your plans are, always be on the lookout for chances to take your career to the next level.

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