Public Health

Creating healthier hospitals and communities

AB Staffing has a passion for not only staffing providers, but also doing so where they can make a difference. One of the biggest ways ABSS makes a difference within the communities they staff is by focusing on Rural and Public Health Facilities across the country.


“According to the American College of Preventive Medicine, the work of public health providers is focused on the population rather than individual practice, that is, on “assuring the availability of essential public health services to a population using skills such as leadership, management and education as well as clinical interventions.”

We create a customized experience for each provider we place, understanding how impactful candidates create solutions for our clients.

Knowing these facilities need much more than just short term assistance, AB Staffing works closely with hospitals to help them achieve their long term goals. ABSS offers leadership expertise by way of Interim Directors, CMO oversight, and dedicated Quality Assurance and Improvement Personnel. AB Staffing also offers clients access to a talent pool of providers and travel nurses nationwide in addition to Practice Management services.

Dedicated Leadership

We help you achieve your long term goals

Nationwide Providers

Get access to a talent pool of providers

Quality Assurance

Dedicated personnel at your service

Practice Management

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