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Considering the Northwest for your next travel nurse or locum tenens assignment? If you love coffee, culture, and the outdoors, Seattle is the perfect choice for you. Located three hours north of Portland, OR, Seattle offers an eclectic mix of culture, food, and music. Home to the 1990’s grunge scene and the birthplace of the band Nirvana, you can still find vestiges of flannel and great music, but that’s not all Seattle offers.

In spite of the rainy weather, residents of Seattle find ways to enjoy the outdoors, many while sipping a cup of craft coffee or enjoying fresh, local food.

If you want to embrace the history and tradition of the city, visit Pike Place Market.

Opened in 1907, it is one of the oldest continuously operated public farmers markets in the country. The iconic neon sign welcomes visitors and residents alike. Located in the Market is the Pike Place Fish Market. Opened in 1930, it is known for the freshest fish and the tradition of fishmongers throwing fish customers have purchased prior to wrapping it. Stroll through, grab the freshest ingredients for dinner, and get a cup of coffee from the original Starbucks.

If Starbucks isn’t your cup of tea…ehr…coffee, Seattle has a rich coffee scene. Like the burgeoning craft beer scene of cities like Portland, Oregon, Seattle offers a craft coffee. Don’t just grab a cup of your favorite blend and make a run for the door. Sit down, ask the barista about the beans and blends, get to know the other customers, and dissolve yourself into the culture. You won’t regret it.

Among the best are Elm Coffee Roasters who roast their own beans, La Marzocco a stopover for a new international roaster each month, and Tuogo Coffee with its friendly and knowledgeable baristas.

Places to Eat

If you love seafood, Seattle is the place for you! The Ivars group of restaurants has been feeding hungry Seattleites and visitors fresh seafood specialties since 1938. With multiple locations across the city, you will be sure not to miss a chance to eat clams, clam chowder, salmon, and other local favorites.

For those looking for outdoor dining, Seattle has a surprising number of places to enjoy. Chuck’s Hop Shop offers craft brews and ciders along with daily food trucks. Check the calendar to see what’s on tap. Overlooking Puget Sound is Ray’s Boathouse which offers not only an amazing view but a menu that supports local fishermen and sustainability. In any part of the city, there are several options like these.

Outdoor Fun – Getting to Know Seattle 

Because of the amount of rain, you will find many green spaces and parks throughout Seattle. Discovery Park offers 534 acres of beaches and forest. Operated by Seattle Parks and Recreation, Discovery also has an Environmental Learning Center that can be reserved for classes, retreats, weddings, or other events.

If you are looking for more physical activity, some of our travel nurses recommend hiking Mount Ranier. Take a walk through the nature trails or take a scenic drive. If you’re going to spend any time outside, be sure to bring the essentials – GPS, sunscreen and hat, insulation, first aid supplies, hydration, and snacks, to name a few. The website does a great job of outlining options for visitors, including a weather report and trail descriptions.

If you’re planning to head to the Northwest for a travel assignment, Seattle offers the comforts and culture of a city with outdoor experiences just a drive away.

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