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Are you looking to become a travel nurse? Are you a travel nurse looking for a new recruiter? Where do you start? These are the type of questions nurses are asking, and we’re hoping we can answer them. At AB Staffing, we pride ourselves on quality of service, as noted in our high review scores on Google, Glassdoor, and Great Recruiters.

We find that nurses (and other medical professionals) come to us wondering how to find a trustworthy placement agency and recruiter. More transparency in job details and recruiter assistance is often needed. For others, they need help finding a recruiter whose personality aligns with their own. Finding the right recruiter can take time and effort, even for the most experienced and tech-savvy nurses.

Questions to Ask Your Travel Nurse Recruiter

Before signing with an agency, ask your travel nurse recruiter questions like:

  • How long have you been a healthcare recruiter?
  • What is the facility like where I will be working?
  • How many hours will I work?
  • Does the facility extend travel nurse contracts often?
  • Do you have other travel nurses at the location where I will be working?
  • What are my housing options?
  • What is your travel reimbursement policy?

This will help you better understand the agency and recruiter to ensure that working with them is the right decision. We also recommend asking yourself if you’re seeing any healthcare recruiter red flags.

These include automated messages instead of personalized emails, exclusivity clause in working with the agency and/or recruiter, call you on a work phone at an indeterminate time, or emailing from non-branded emails like @gmail versus @companyname. These are signs that you should walk away and find a different agency and recruiter.

Where do you go to find a reliable travel nurse recruiter?

We recommend researching agencies and then checking their reviews and social media sites. Great Recruiters is also a fantastic resource for travel nurses, especially those who have struggled in their experience. AB Staffing has been reviewed by more than 2,300 travel nurses who have given us high ratings. We love partnering with them because they collect feedback from their clients to improve the platform, and we get feedback from our travelers about their experience with us.

Our travel nurses love that they can easily find recruiters with whom they are comfortable. And our recruiters love that they can also have a profile on the platform.

Recruiter Krystina has been reviewed 40 times in the last year and has a 98% recommended rating. What she loves about recruiting is matching travel nurses with their desired location and/or position. As you can read in the reviews, she listens to her clients and loves it when she can place them at a dream location.

We are a highly-rated healthcare staffing agency focused on the same mission as Great Recruiters: matching professionals with jobs they enjoy.

If you’re considering becoming a travel nurse, here are some ways to find a healthcare recruiter.

  1. Start by finding an Agency. You can use Google, Facebook, Instagram, or other travel nurse agency ranking sites like Blue Pipes to help you get a list of agencies first. Check out their social media pages, see if they have the jobs you might be looking for, and contact them from there.
  2. Get to know recruiters. Select an agency and then check out their recruiters. We list our AB Staffing recruiters on Great Recruiters so you can get a feel for who they are and how we operate. Each recruiter has been reviewed so you can get to know them and their style before contacting them. The reviews are from real people representing agencies and recruiters, so you know it’s reputable.
  3. Search Travel Nurse Facebook groups. The Gypsy Nurse and other travel nurse job groups have resources. You can see what types of jobs are out there and what agencies and recruiters are posting jobs in your specialty.
  4. Ask a friend for a referral. Do you know anyone who is already a travel nurse or used to be? Ask them who they used to work with. Once you have a few agency or recruiter names, you can do more exploring from there.

Whether you’re looking for a new travel medical staffing agency and recruiter or are just starting the process, we highly recommend researching. Head to our AB Staffing Travel Nurse Job Postings to check our current openings. We’d love to work with you!

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