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Traveling solo on assignment can be intimidating as much as it can be exhilarating. How do you meet people? Where do you go when you’re not at work? What can you do before you leave to make an easier transition? Here are some of our ideas on meeting people while traveling solo on assignment.

Ask your network.

In Gilbert, AZ where AB Staffing is located, there are many people who have moved here from other places and needed to rebuild their networks. To say many of us understand the stress of our solo travel medical professionals would be accurate. Before you leave for a new assignment:

  • Ask friends and family on social media if they are or know anyone living in your new location.
  • Connect with people at your new workplace whether that’s through LinkedIn or your recruiter.
  • Join Facebook groups focused on your new city and/or neighborhood.

By doing this before you leave, you will feel better about where you are going and will know a few people who can guide you upon arrival. 

Be social. 

In an age where we are attached to our phones, we encourage you to communicate with people in real life, not just online. While social media has its benefits, there’s nothing better than interacting in-person doing activities that you love. Talk to colleagues. Accept invitations for social events. Invite a coworker to lunch. Get to know colleagues outside of patient care. You never know who may become a friend outside of work.

Of course, find ways to meet people when you’re not working. If you love yoga, take a class and talk to people in the class. At the very least, you won’t feel alone the next time you go. In addition to Facebook groups, Meetup and Nextdoor are helpful apps to connect you to people, places, and events.

Many of our travel nurses and other providers tell us they meet people both inside and outside the workplace while traveling solo on assignment. Sometimes they even become lifelong friends.

Think of traveling solo on assignment as a fun experiment.

 You make friends wherever you live so you can make friends while you’re in a new place for three months. Organize a day hike for coworkers. Host a travel nurse open house. Attend local events like wine tastings, festivals, and farmers’ markets. Embrace the culture and talk to those around you. Consider it like a social experiment where your goal is to meet new people every week.

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Whether you’re trying to fit in as the new person or are a seasoned professional traveling solo in a new city, it is our hope that you connect with colleagues and meet new friends in the community. 

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