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Our travel nurses work in hospitals and clinics across the country. Just like their medical facility experiences are different, so are their housing stories. In rural areas, they may find themselves in shared housing or mobile homes. Others choose to stay in an RV and camp for their assignment while those in urban areas who are on shorter assignments on the frontline fighting COVID-19 are staying in hotels. Whether you are on a shorter crisis assignment or a standard 13-week contract, here are ideas to make any temporary housing feel like home.

Bring a bit of home with you.

When you are packing, think about what you like to have that makes your house feel like home. Pictures of family and friends, a favorite pillow or blanket, and comfortable clothes are a few that our medical professionals always take with them on assignment. Others like their cup of coffee or tea from a favorite mug or a device to listen to music. It is important to have a feeling of home no matter where you are and how long the contract is.

Some assignments will be more challenging than others to pack for. Our crisis nurses sent to New York City had to leave on a moment’s notice. They have found solace in forming new friendships. This nurse from Texas got married in Times Square with her fellow nurses acting as bridesmaids. She is not an AB Staffing nurse, but we love the story! What a wonderful way to bring a bit of home to a challenging time.

Find your favorite foods and explore new ones.

Food can make it feel like home, even during a new assignment.  While you cannot take your kitchen with you, bring your favorite spices so you can add flavors from home to your meals. Love cereal? Bring your favorite bowl and spoon. It will help you adjust to your temporary housing and make it feel more like home.

Travel assignments also offer a unique opportunity to explore and expand your palette.

Our Recruiters recommend researching the area where you will be staying to see where you can get your favorite meals and treats. Ask your colleagues where they like to eat and explore new options too. Invite them to lunch or dinner. You never know what you will find and how much you may like it!

Take care of yourself.

Even during a crisis, it is important to establish a routine. It can be as simple as establishing a bedtime ritual that includes meditation or yoga. Clean up your space. Unpack your bags. Take a shower. Put on comfy pajamas and curl up with a book or movie. Get good quality sleep. For those that work night shifts, it can be challenging to sleep during the day; we recommend a sleep mask and calming music or white noise to lull you into slumber. Waking up well-rested can fight homesickness and set you up well for a new day.

Establishing routines, taking care of yourself, and having your favorite items and foods with you will make your temporary housing feel like home. We wish you the best on your next assignment and thank you for your dedication.

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