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The importance of Allied Health Professionals cannot be understated. Their role is to provide optimal care with high patient satisfaction as therapists, scientists, technologists, administrators, managers, and assistants with specialties in radiology, cardiology, and surgery, to name a few. For those seeking a career in the medical field without the time and cost of medical school, allied health is an excellent choice to serve patients and assist doctors and nurses in providing diagnoses, recovery, and quality of life. Not only is it a rewarding career, it is an industry with a growing demand and AB Staffing Solutions is here to match you to your next allied job!

Did you know there are five million Allied Healthcare Professionals nationally? That’s nearly 60% of all U.S. healthcare providers.

As healthcare in America evolves and as we see improved health outcomes for patients treated by coordinated medical teams, the role of Allied Health Professionals will continue to play a major role in doctor’s offices, outpatient and inpatient facilities, primary, acute, and chronic care, and surgical teams. Working together to diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases, disabilities, and disorders, allied health practitioners do, and will continue to, influence the delivery of medical care, including advocating on behalf of patients.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that healthcare occupations, primarily allied health professionals, are the fastest growing job segment with an expected 18% growth in the next eight years, or the creation of 2.4 million new jobs.

Suffice it to say, the demand for healthcare workers in the United States is increasing and will actually outpace the growth of the national economy over the next decade. Not only that but the general population is aging and growing and diagnoses of chronic conditions are increasing, while at the same time, the industry is experiencing a shortage of practitioners.

With more than 100 distinct allied health professions available, this field is set for growth in the coming years and will continue to be an ideal career for practitioners with advanced education, clinical training, and nationally recognized credentials through certification, registration, and/or licensing. What does all that mean? It means there is a great need for new and existing professionals.

If you have an interest in being in the medical field helping others, consider being an allied professional. While an Associate’s degree is required, it is less schooling than a nurse or doctor while still providing patient care. High compensation, comprehensive benefits packages, and helping others while also having job security are among the perks of this type of position.

At AB Staffing Solutions we offer weekly pay, 401K plans, premium health, vision, and dental coverage, lodging per diem and much more! Our most popular Allied Health positions are for Medical Technologists, CT Techs, Surgical Techs, Ultrasound Techs, Pharmacy Techs, Phlebotomists, Dental Assistants, and Respiratory Therapists.

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