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If you’re looking for a location that offers a range of just about everything, living and working in Portland, Oregon is for you. From food to transportation, this is a growing and vibrant community of economic and socially minded people. Seriously, there’s not a bad place to eat or drink, and when you’re done with your local fare, drop the container in the solar-powered compacting garbage can.

I know you’re thinking this place can’t be real but it is.

Let’s start with the food. Whether you’re visiting or working in Portland, Oregon, this place is travel nurse foodie paradise. 

The food channels need to only broadcast from Portland. From the neighborhood hideaway, Ava Gene’s to the blocks of food trucks in every quadrant of the city to bakeries and coffee shops, you can literally eat your way through the city without repeating anything. It’s foodie paradise.

Insider tip: If you’re planning on just stopping by Ava Gene’s, they will laugh you out the door. Make a reservation ahead of time. This is a city of people who grow food in their front yards and Ava Gene’s is not only serving award-winning cuisine, their tagline is Locally Sourced, Aggressively Seasonal. They don’t mess around in these parts.

For a place that is passionate about food, it’s probably good that it is also an active city.

If you’re not keen on driving and let me tell you the traffic within the city limits is bad pretty much all the time, opt instead for the train, tram, bus, or bike.

  • Max Light Rail offers service from Hillsboro to Gresham and Expo Center to Milwaukie, and points in between including service from the airport.
  • Speaking of the airport, PDX is one of the most well organized, clean airports in existence. Leave time for a stop at the wine bar or Stumptown Coffee where you can listen to live local musicians play piano or jazz guitar.
  • Biketown offers affordable and convenient bike rentals whether it’s for an hour, day, or month. Download the app and tour the city on two wheels.

It’s a fairly easy to get around and the views from the dozen bridges, some of which are accessible to pedestrian and bike traffic, are amazing especially at sunrise and sunset.

If you’re game for exploring outside city limits, there are a variety of outdoor activities you can do when you’re not working in Portland, Oregon.

Head to Mount Hood year for everything from hiking and mountain biking to snowboarding, snowshoeing, and skiing. Stay in the city on urban walking trails, kayak on the river, or walk the city. Discover the Columbia River Gorge for hiking and waterfall exploration. Basically, you can be outside anytime you’re not at work!

If you’re ready to live in a vibrant community, consider working in Portland, Oregon for your next placement. Check out our job postings to see what we have available.

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