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Are you ready to see the country? Do you crave adventure over possessions? Do you love learning? If you are in the medical field seeking any or all of these, then you’re meant to be a travel healthcare professional. In this article, we share the most common reasons nurses are switching from staff nurse to traveler and opting for adventure.

Signs You’re Meant to Be a Travel Nurse, Travel Allied Professional, or Locum Tenen

You love to travel. If you want an opportunity to flex your muscle as a professional while experiencing as much of the country and world as possible, consider becoming a travel nurse. At AB Staffing, our contracts run on a 13-week cycle which means you could live in four different places in one year or could opt to extend your travel contract if there is an opportunity and desire to do so.

You get bored in one environment easily. If you love the healthcare field but want to experience more, becoming a traveler affords you the opportunity to try not only different jobs but different places. Work summers in Colorado and winters in Arizona. Stay in San Antonio if you’re loving your experience. Within the hospital, you can try new specialties or learn new skills. Wherever you go as a traveler, we promise you will not be bored.

You crave adventure. Nurses love to work hard but we also know you love to play hard. Whether it’s exploring museums or the great outdoors, you will have the opportunity to meet new people and experience cultures as you travel. Hiking and other outdoor activities are a must whether you’re going rim to rim at the Grand Canyon or snowshoeing in Alaska.

You live a simple life. You’re meant to be a travel nurse if you love adventure over travel and don’t mind having a simple life. Our nurses live in small spaces with just the necessities and love their experiences. Rather than working in one place and gathering possessions, they live in many places and gather experiences. Bringing photos and keeping a routine are a couple of the ways our nurses make temporary housing feel like home, as well as travel guides and journals to help them track their experience.

You love to be spontaneous. Are you the person who hops in the car just to see where you end up? Do you look for travel deals and dream of being able to live in a new place? If that sounds like you, then consider becoming a travel healthcare professional. While there is often a bit of lead time before sending you on the road, that’s not always the case. Our nurses who accept crisis contracts may leave within a day or two. If you’re okay packing up and heading out without a lot of prep time, then this is the perfect fit for you!

You love meeting new people. You can’t be shy if you’re a traveler! Whether it’s meeting new patients or new co-workers, being a traveler means you’re the new person A LOT. While some may find this intimidating, our travel nurses LOVE to meet new people and accept the challenge of working at a new place or in a new department. It’s part of why they chose to become travelers. Not only that, but you get to meet the people in the area where you’re working. On your days off, head into town and talk to people, attend events, explore the outdoors. You never know who you will meet!

You love to learn. Staying in one place isn’t for you because you get bored. You’ve learned a lot but crave a new skill. Gain experience fast in different departments when you’re a traveler. Often our travel nurses are also floaters meaning they work in different areas of the hospital, not outside their skill sets but perhaps ICU to PICU or similar. They love it because they gain new skills whether patient care or a new charting system.

You’re meant to be a travel nurse if you’re ready for learning and adventure!

If you’re tired of the same day-to-day in the healthcare field and are ready to learn new skills, meet people, and feed your inner traveler, we’d love to talk to you.

Call AB Staffing at 888.515.3900 to get started today!

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