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As a professional in the Allied Health field, you are looking for the right position to help you gain experience and knowledge while still receiving top compensation for your work. Have you considered becoming a traveling Medical Technologist, Clinical Lab Scientist, or Medical Lab Technician?? It may have not crossed your mind initially, but a position as a traveling medical tech has many appeals and benefits that can help you build and further your career while working in some of the most sought after locations and healthcare facilities throughout the United States.

Why Choose a Traveling Medical Lab Technician or Medical Technologist Position?

If you are looking for a change of pace or are intrigued by the notion of traveling to different locations to further your career then a position as a traveling Med Tech may be the right fit for you. Now more than ever positions within the healthcare field are in high demand in various cities and states.

As a traveling healthcare professional, you can browse through a number of available locations where your expertise is in high demand at this time. With AB Staffing Solutions, you can choose from various assignment lengths from as little as 13 weeks upwards of one year in any given location or position. Unlike working in a traditional Med Tech position, as a traveler, you are able to experience different healthcare organizations while building your resume and exploring new and exciting destinations.

Whether you are on the search for the next city to call home or enjoy the adventure of traveling, living, and working in different locations throughout the country a traveling Med Tech position can offer you these options and more.

What Types of Traveling Med Tech Positions are Available?

Throughout the U.S. Medical Technologists and Medical Lab Technicians are in constant demand. As a traveler, you help fill the urgent need throughout various available facilities and locations in healthcare communities across the country.

Traveling Med Technologist Positions in Current Demand Include:

Medical Technologist

This position analyzes fluid samples of patients, such as blood, urine, or tissue, in highly complex laboratory tests using high-tech equipment.

The job responsibilities of a Medical Technologist include acknowledging individual patient test results, understanding test systems, addressing equipment malfunctioning, and proficiency in operation of equipment. This position requires a bachelor’s degree.

Current states looking for qualified traveling medical technologists include Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota, & more.

Medical Lab Technician

Medical Lab Technicians handle simple specimen tests, such as pregnancy tests, basic blood tests, and low-order urinalysis. The job responsibilities of a Medical Lab Technician include verifying test results, operating lab equipment, documenting patient procedures, and evaluating data. This position requires an associate’s degree.

How Much Can Traveling Medical Technologists or Medical Lab Technicians Make?

On average traditional Med Tech positions earn about $26 per hour in the U.S. However, this can vary greatly depending on location and specialization. As a traveling Medical Technologist, you have the ability to earn $35 — $40 per hour and have access to similar positions across the country in varying settings and cities.

Whether you are looking for the experience of the big city in higher populated areas or a more rural feel within natural landscapes and terrain there are positions available that can fulfill your traveling desires while earning top dollar for your hard work, experience, and professionalism.

How to Find the Best Travel Med Tech Positions?

Searching for a position as a travel Medical Technologist or Medical Lab Technician on your own can be a tricky field to navigate. In most instances, healthcare organizations turn to staffing agencies and sources to fill these unique positions quickly with experienced professionals. As a Medical Technologist or Medical Lab Technician willing to travel for our work, it is in your best interest to team up with a staffing agency that specializes in travel contracts to ensure you receive the best benefits and highest possible compensation for your position.

Teaming up with a staffing agency such as AB Staffing Solutions will help ensure you are matched with the right organization in line with your needs and experience in the healthcare industry as well as provide you with varied locations and options. Browse our vast selection of opportunities currently available throughout the United States. We have positions available in cities across the country in a number of different specialties and fields within the healthcare industry.

The Benefits of Working with AB Staffing Solutions

AB Staffing Solutions has been ranked as the Top Healthcare Staffing Company on the Forbes 2020 list of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms. Working with AB Staffing to find the right Medical Technologist or Medical Lab Technician position for you ensures you have access to a number of benefits including access to professional and well-known healthcare providers, facilities, and organizations in the government and private medical sectors.

Benefits available to you when working as a medical technologist with AB Staffing Solutions include:

  • Access to a network of top healthcare facilities and available positions in exciting locations across the United States
  • Top compensation for experienced medical professionals
  • Staffing specialists dedicated to serving you and helping you find the right fit
  • Housing assistance to help you make a quick and seamless transition to your new work location
  • Access to Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance plans to meet your personal needs
  • 401k
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Weekly Direct Deposit

Begin Your Journey as a Traveling Med Tech

If the notion of becoming a traveling medical professional is appealing to you, take the initiative and visit our site to browse our availability of positions across the country to begin your new and exciting journey with AB Staffing Solutions. Our team of staffing experts is available to serve and guide you through the process of discovering a location and position that is perfect for you. Contact us now to get your journey started.

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