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It’s no secret that the nursing field has always been female dominated, but as of late we are starting to see an increase in men entering the world of travel nursing. As this year has progressed, we’ve experienced more men coming to our recruiters seeking, both non-crisis and crisis contracts. We’re happy to see the stigma of men in nursing trending downward and as a result, we are welcoming more men to the field.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 12.4% of Registered Nurses are men. At AB Staffing, we are pleased to report we are ahead of the national average with approximately 15% of our travel nurses being male.

In this article, we will discuss why we think the stigma is changing while the demand for nurses, male or female, is increasing. 

The world has been changed by COVID-19, most notably in hospitals around the globe. While we have placed nurses in New York and other hot spots, we are also placing nurses and other medical professionals in non-crisis contracts across the country.

The stigma of being a man in nursing has subsided. For years it was thought to be a steppingstone for men who were becoming doctors but we’re finding that not to be the case today. It is, after all, 2020 and the whole world is changing at a rapid pace. Men are reporting a call to become a nurse because of their interests and skill set, and some are even entering the field after seeing their spouse loving their nursing career.

Men in travel nursing like the opportunity to grow their skillset, live in a new area, have a flexible schedule, and higher pay.

As men in nursing, there are many opportunities. Earning potential is among the biggest reasons men are becoming nurses. Often, they are paid more than female counterparts. While in school, men often have scholarship opportunities, like those offered by The American Association for Men in Nursing,  for entering a field that is not male dominated.

There is also a growing demand for male nurses. In some instances, male patients may request male travel nurses while female patients may prefer female nurses. The procedure being performed is often a guiding factor in their request.

With many options for specialties and facilities, we are not surprised many men are choosing travel nursing! Hospitals in urban and rural areas serving a variety of patients with varying medical needs, clinics, and surgery centers are all places where medical service is needed. Many of our male travel nurses choose the ER or ICU as their specialty.

The reality is that when it comes to placing nurses, male or female, AB Staffing has the same opportunities. It is refreshing for us to see the stigma and gender roles of nursing begin to reverse. The profession needs both men and women to care for patients day in and day out and we are happy to be able to help them find their dream jobs.

Are you ready to become a travel nurse? We’d love to talk to you! For the most current list of positions, view the AB Staffing Job Board or Apply Now.


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