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If you’re thinking about leaving shift work in favor of travel nursing, the AB Staffing team is here to help you on your journey! In this article, we discuss the 10 biggest myths about travel nursing including whether it is solely for younger medical professionals, whether you get the worst hours and patients or not, and if being a traveler is bad for your resume.

Myth #1 You have to take a contract far from home.

The truth is that you only need to be 50 miles away from your tax home to be considered a traveler. We have several providers that drive home on their days off. This gives travel nurses the option to be as far or close to home as they’d like with the same flexibility and earning potential.

Myth #2 Assignments are temporary.

Most of our assignments are 13 weeks but we do have several providers who chose to extend the contract while others have even stayed so long that they’ve been offered permanent positions. While nothing is promised, there are always opportunities to explore whether at your current facility or in your current area, if you choose to stay.

Myth #3 There is no job stability or security.

With an impending nursing crisis happening now, there will be no shortage of travel nursing positions available. The pandemic has burned out a lot of staff nurses and they are looking for other ways to continue to serve patients, like travel nursing.

Myth #4 You cannot travel with pets.

The truth is that you can travel with pets. We’ve written articles like 5 Tips for Traveling with Pets, where we stress the importance of letting your housing contact know you will be bringing your pet. The reason is that we want to make sure you have housing that allows the kind of pet that you have. We want your recruiter to know because they can recommend the best contracts for you.

Myth #5 You can’t bring your family because they will be a distraction.

The truth is that you can bring your family with you. Let your recruiter and housing contact know who you will be bringing with you so they can find contract and housing matches that are appropriate. Our travel nurses often say they miss loved ones while on the road so if you can bring your immediate family, that may actually be a great benefit and enable you to focus.

Myth #6 Travelers are not liked by permanent staff.

If a facility needs a traveler, they need help. That means they will welcome the help they are getting and appreciate having extra hands. Where you can get in the way or cause a rift is if you’re constantly comparing the facility to others where you’ve worked or if you’re trying to change the way they do things because you think your way is better. If you work within the system, it will be an easier road and a better experience. Keep your mind open to learning new techniques.

Myth #7 One of the biggest myths about travel nursing is that it will look bad on your resume. 

While job-hopping in other professions is frowned upon, travel nursing is the opposite. You’re learning new skills, experiencing new specialties, and adapting to change on a regular basis. These should be welcome to a new employer, not a deterrent. Your flexibility and adaptability are sought-after skills in nursing.

Myth #8 Travel nurses get the worst hours and patients. 

The truth is your shift will be decided by the time you start your contract. Work with your recruiter to communicate which shifts you are most comfortable working. Patient assignments vary based on the facility. While some facilities give travelers easier patients because they aren’t sure of your skills, others may give you more patients because their staff needs help. This is where your adaptability can shine. Accept what they give you and learn as you go along.

Myth #9 Once you’re placed in a contract, you’re on your own.

 When you work with AB Staffing, we are here to support you every step of your journey. If you’re happy with a placement, we want to know. If you’re unhappy, we want to know. It is our job to find assignments that match your goals and interests so the more we know about you and communicate with each other, the better. 

Myth #10 You can only travel if you are young.

At AB Staffing, we have travelers of all ages working with us, younger nurses are looking to gain experience, Mid-career travel nurses are looking for more experience and older travelers take assignments to share their experience. The lesson? If you’re interested in becoming a travel nurse, we’d love to talk to you!

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