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Now that you’ve Packed Smarter for Your Next Travel Nurse Assignment and you’ve checked off What to Do Before Your New Travel Assignment, let’s talk about what to do during your next placement. It’s really about asking questions, learning, and exploring your workplace and community.

If you’re not a people person, it may be somewhat challenging to be social while on a travel assignment but we promise connecting to other people, whether at work or socially, will enrich your experience.

Begin with a simple introduction to your colleagues. There’s a good chance they’ll ask where you’re from making it the perfect time to share a bit more about yourself and how you got to where you are today.

I was a nurse in Phoenix and wanted to escape the heat of the desert for the cool fall of New York. 

My spouse and I are exploring places to retire so I thought a travel nurse assignment in Santa Fe was a great opportunity to experience the culture and see if we might settle here. 

Don’t tell your whole life story in that first travel nursing conversation, just enough to pique their interest about you and for you to learn about them. Who knows, they might have a connection to where you’re from or want to learn more about you just from a quick interaction! 

Not only will you expand your social circle, there is opportunity to expand your network at your next travel assignment. 

You never know who you will meet and how they can impact your future. You may have chosen a facility because they have specialists in an area of interest and you can gain experience you may not be able to get at home or you may want to practice in a specific field as you’re winding down your career. That’s part of the experience of being a travel nurse; no matter what stage of your career, there are chances to learn new skills.

The beauty of being a travel nurse is that most of the time you’re at a facility on a temporary basis making it easier to stay out of hospital politics. Instead of getting involved in drama, focus on connecting with colleagues and serving patients.

Of course, you will likely have moments of homesickness. Keep in touch with loved ones via phone calls, video chat, and social media and combat feelings of missing home by making memories in your new city. Get out and explore festivals, art exhibits, live music, hiking and other outdoor activities, and embrace your inner foodie.

Travel Nurse Lindsey enjoys her time at the Navajo Nation by embracing their culture and meeting people outside of the hospital. Read more about her travel nurse adventure here.

No matter where your next assignment takes you, remember to communicate with your recruiter. They want to know about your experience, future plans, and if you want to extend your contract or travel somewhere new.

Interested in a new travel assignment? Visit the AB Staffing Travel Nurse Job Board and call us today!

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