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Pack smarter for your next travel assignment by keeping the list of what to bring simple. Start by evaluating what you want versus what you need. You may want to bring two closets of clothes but will you really need multiple sweatshirts in Phoenix in the summer? Probably not. Take time to be selective so you’re not moving items you may not need. Once you’ve narrowed the list of what you’re bringing, explore options like packing cubes for organized travel so you can settle in at your new location and begin exploring.

Evaluate what you need.

Don’t start packing for your next travel nurse assignment just yet. Take a look around and evaluate what you want versus what you need to take with you. Clothes and shoes, laptop, phone, debit and credit cards, are among those that you will need to have with you. Essentials for your pet like leash, bedding, and crate might also be on the most-wanted list while food and treats can be purchased at your destination. By being selective, you will cut your moving costs.

Create a capsule wardrobe.

Another way to cut costs and simplify your next move is to limit the clothes that you bring. Rather than throwing everything into boxes, take time to evaluate what is in your closet. Bring clothes that fit and are comfortable and create a wardrobe you can fit on 27 hangers.

Also called a capsule wardrobe, Image and Influence Consultant Tabitha Dumas of the Tabitha Dumas Blog suggests creating a wardrobe of less than 30 pieces that are, “…just mix and match pieces that work together within a cohesive color palette.” This approach includes 14 tops, 7 bottoms, 3 dresses, and 3 jackets plus 3 pairs of shoes, 1 bag, and 7 accessories. While this doesn’t account for scrubs, sleepwear or activewear, you can take the same approach with those items as well.

Creating a capsule wardrobe is a great way to make sure you have clothes that you love to wear and a wardrobe that fits in any closet on any travel nurse assignment.

Digitize Your Documents

Traveling to a new place isn’t just about what clothes to bring; it’s also a great opportunity to organize your personal files and work records.

Rather than lugging all your medical and immunization records, work certifications, and educational documents with you, why not convert them all to digital to have ready for your next assignment. Make sure you have front and back copies of everything and that your certifications have your signature in the correct places. Using apps like Dropbox or Google Drive lets you save your documents on a remote server for safe keeping and easy access.

Now that you’ve decided what you’re bringing, let’s talk about how to get it to your destination.

At this point, it’s really a big puzzle to figure out how to pack! Whether you’re flying or driving, invest in packing cubes to keep clothing compressed and to organize personal items. These zippered canvas bags are available in various sizes and colors and prevent your suitcase from being overstuffed. Not only that but unpacking is easier because you know exactly what is in each cube.

If you’re flying, be sure to weigh your luggage before getting to the airport. If it is over the weight limit, you will need to repack or pay extra. Consider shipping a box or two rather than incurring airline fees if it makes fiscal sense to do so. Lastly, be sure that you have your current identification on hand. You’ll need it for your flight and first day on assignment to fill out paperwork.

When you pack smarter for your next travel nurse assignment, it will be less stress and less expense and more time to explore your new destination. If you’re seeking a travel assignment, contact us today or view our jobs at

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