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Are you a recent nursing school graduate looking for adventure? Are you an experienced nurse seeking professional development opportunities? Are you winding down your nursing career? If any of these sound like you, consider being a travel nurse. The experiences you will have will be as varied as the specialties which you represent.

In the United States, hospitals and other medical facilities are seeking talented nurses to provide quality patient care. In many places, there is a nursing shortage so hospitals look to fill the gap by hiring travel nurses who are willing to move, work, and experience the local culture. Here are several reasons why becoming a travel nurse could be a good option for you.

Earning Potential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for Registered Nurses (RN) in United States is $71,730. While the earning potential varies, especially in rural areas, there is great earning potential for nurses. Travel nurses may earn on the higher end of the scale because they are compensated for moving to a new geographic location, some as frequently as every 13-weeks. In addition to 13-week contracts, AB Staffing offers referral bonuses.

Flexible Schedule. Because the contracts are 13 weeks, you have the flexibility to choose if you want to extend your current contract, move to a new place, or take time off. Whether you want more time to travel for pleasure, need to tend to family obligations, or need time to rest between contracts, the choice is yours. Just be sure to let your Recruiter know as soon as you’ve made a decision.

Experience a New Culture. When you begin traveling, you will notice that each location and its people have their own traditions. In our article about Travel Nurse Lindsey, she shared her story of falling in love with the Navajo culture, an experience she wouldn’t have had if she had stayed in her hometown back east. We hear stories like hers over and over and encourage our travel nurses to attend local events and get to know the people.

Expand skills. Before taking your first travel nurse assignment, think about what you’d like to get from working in a new place. Travel nursing offers not only the opportunity to learn new nursing skills or work at specialized facilities, but also the ability to adapt to different people and situations, all of which are invaluable life skills.

Networking Connections. As a travel nurse, you’re able to connect with medical professionals across the nation, expanding your network and providing you with almost unlimited potential to work wherever you want. Not only that but you’re able to stay connected to people who can help you get to the next level of your career or specialty. That in and of itself can change your earning potential and professional trajectory.

No matter which stage you are in your nursing career, traveling can be a great option for you. To get started, contact AB Staffing at 888.515.3900 and click here to check out our Current RN Openings.

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  • Gwen A Cannon

    Are u hiring cna

    • Travel Nurse

      Hi Gwen – Thanks for reaching out to us. At this time, we are not hiring CNA positions.

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