In AB Staffing Recruiter, Travel Nurse

We love it when our recruiters actually meet candidates and employees face to face. After months and sometimes years of working together on the phone, it is wonderful to see everything come together with an in-person meeting. Shirley Patterson is a NICU RN who will start travel nurse working in Canyon Vista Medical Center in the oncoming weeks. She decided to travel to AB Staffing Solutions from Florida. She said recruiter Elias Rodriguez was the first recruiter that she has ever met. They spoke about family, work, her sister and her little dog. She just ended a contract in Florida and is excited to start her new position in Arizona. Shirley was so thrilled that Elias found her something a month out that she asked him how he was able to do it. Elias told her that it was thanks to  “DIRECT CONTRACTS” with clients!”  Shirley said that she is relieved and happy to be working with Elias on her next role. Thanks to Elias and Shirley for helping to make our team great!



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