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2020 was a challenging year on many levels for all of us. From quarantines and lockdowns to the number of travel jobs we’ve been working hard to fill, the AB Staffing team has been busy! Our top blog posts of 2020 are a glimpse into what the world and our travel nurses faced this year. As in previous years, we offer implementable tips and advice, always encouraging our travelers to communicate with their recruiter and take advantage of their surrounding areas and cultures.

Top Seven Blog Posts of 2020 – AB Staffing 

  1. What to Know When Taking a Crisis Contract – In March, our blog posts reflected COVID-19 and the urgency of placing our travelers where they were most needed. During the crisis, we’ve asked our providers to be flexible, whether it comes to housing, travel, or facility. Other advice includes being a team player, expecting to help however possible, and listening and supporting coworkers. If you’re one of those who stepped up, and many of you did, we thank you!
  2. What to Expect When Working at Indian Health Services (IHS) facility – In this article, we shared the importance of learning the culture of the community where you’re working. It’s not just advice for IHS positions, but for all assignments. Understanding differences like available housing options and the cost of groceries is important to know before signing a contract. We encourage you to interact within the community which is likely much different from your own. Respect the culture and learn their systems. It will be appreciated not only by your team but by your patients as well.
  3. The Highest Paying Cities for Travel Nurses – In this blog post, we talk about where you can travel for the highest earning potential. Cities like San Francisco, Atlanta, and Phoenix are at the top of the list. For each location, we talk about the climate, culture, and professional opportunities to give you an idea of what to expect in urban areas.
  4. Take Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Others with COVID-19 – 2020 was an unprecedented time for the world. As always, we want to make sure our travelers know we are here for them and that they need to take care of themselves. Losing yourself in patient care may be admirable, but it is not sustainable for a long period of time. Making sure you understand what is expected of you while allowing yourself outlets for communicating your stress is key to getting through the crisis.
  5. Travel Nursing with a Family – Communication is the key to being successful as a traveler with family. Discussing options with your spouse, children, and AB Staffing recruiter are essential to finding the right place for you and your loved ones. Once the decision is made and you’ve signed a contract, it’s time to start planning things like what to bring, where to visit, and how to make the most of your days off.
  6. Med Techs are Jumping at the Opportunity for High Paying Travel Jobs – As with travel nursing, Med Techs have the opportunity to work around the country in urban and suburban areas. They can experience different cultures, and expand their professional experience. Medical technologists and Medical Lab Technicians can browse our vast opportunities and explore the benefits of becoming a traveler.
  7. What Not to Do as A Travel Healthcare Professional – We usually give you advice on what to do, but in this blog post, we talk about what not to do. Not being afraid to ask questions, the importance of exploring the community in which you work, and the implementation of self-care are top focuses. As a traveler, it can be grueling to be on the road and moving every 13 weeks to accept a new contract. Understanding what is possible is as important as understanding what isn’t possible. You’re not going to change the system at a facility, but you can provide constructive feedback. You can take care of yourself so that you can take care of patients. And you can learn about your community.

There was so much to pack into the blog in 2020 that we can’t possibly cover in the round-up. Visit the AB Staffing Blog to learn more about the benefits of being a travel nurse, managing a family and/or pets while on the road, and so much more. We look forward to continuing to be your support while on the road!

We appreciate you and wish you a healthy and happy holiday season!

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