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Looking for something new and different to listen to while on assignment? Whether you want an educational, fun, or lifestyle podcast, we’ve got a list of the top podcasts for medical professionals. Before hitting play, download an app like iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean, PlayerFM, or Spotify so you’re ready when you find a podcaster you love. Most apps offer free or almost-free versions.

Travel Nursing Podcast Picks

  1. Your Next Shift (gotta love the name!) host Elizabeth Scala brings practical tips and universal truths about nursing. In this weekly podcast, Scala interviews guests about ways to be your best self. She reminds nurses that we are all unique and that it is okay to be yourself at work; in fact, it should be encouraged.
  2. People are Wild podcast host Kim is a nurse who explores medical cases as only an Emergency Room nurse like her can do. It can be a bit over the top for some but it’s also entertaining and educational. If you’re looking for a kindred spirit to listen to about what really happens in ERs and ICUs, this podcast is for you.
  3. The Truth about Travel Nursing discusses actionable information so you can get to your desired destination with maximum benefits. Topics include travel nurse paperwork and compliance, travel nurse bill rates, and contract cancellations. If you’re new to travel nursing, a seasoned professional needing a reliable resource, or considering travel nursing, this is a helpful podcast.
  4. Nurse Keith shares career-related content that educates and inspires. If you’re a physician who works with nurses, or a nurse yourself, this podcast offers insight into what they are seeking in their careers, and how you can support them. In the 200th episode, he talks about overall health, rest, work-life harmony, and burnout. He is a career coach and a nurse so he understands the path to a nursing career and managing life outside of nursing.

Physician Podcast Picks

  1. The Physicians Guide to Doctoring is a practical guide for practicing physicians and nurses looking to improve themselves professionally and personally. Medical and non-medical professionals are interviewed on topics such as burnout breakthrough, breastfeeding for trauma surgeons, and social media for medical professionals.
  1. This Podcast Will Kill You is hosted by two epidemiology graduate students, both named Erin. Pour yourself a #quarantini, as they like to call it, and get ready to hear guests tell tales of hand washing, living through the AIDS/HIV crisis of the 1980’s and 1990’s, Ebola, Yellow Fever, and more. Educational and entertaining, they cover the diseases you never knew you needed to learn more about.
  2. This Won’t Hurt a Bit is hosted by doctors and is, “the medical podcast for your cortex and your funny bone,” and we promise listening won’t hurt a bit. Episodes cover topics such as concussions, movie medicine versus reality, extreme heat, holiday mishaps, death and dying, and more.

Travel & Adventure Podcast Picks

  1. The Sharp End host Ashley Saupe grew up in Alaska, is a former Outward Bound staff trainer in Colorado, and is now a nomad climber, snowboarder, and surfer. Guests are interviewed on topics related to high stakes adventure, how they got themselves into trouble, and how they got out. Recent episodes include when and how to call for help and hypothermia in the Michigan peninsula, and the aftermath of watching a friend die in an avalanche.
  2. She Explores is a podcast for women who love the outdoors and being on the road. From The Musical Mountaineers (exactly what it sounds like) to learning from women who have cross country road tripped several times to mountain climbing artists, and more, this podcast takes listeners on a journey.
  3. The Dirtbag Diaries has been telling stories similar to campfire tales, since 2007. The grassroots podcast is serious, fun, wild, and everything in between. The one thing each episode has in common is that they tell a story. If you need a getaway, this is your podcast and you’re in good company as The Dirtbag Diaries has been downloaded more than 14 million times.

Whether you’re seeking tips about being a travel nurse, want to hear tales from Emergency Departments, or need a getaway, it is our hope that these top podcasts for medical professionals fill your prescription.

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