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The demand for travel nurses has reached an all-time high in the US. With more than 50,000 open (travel) nursing positions nationwide now may be the time to consider taking your nursing training on the road.

Traveling has many benefits. It breaks the monotony of our daily routines, allows us to explore new places, and keeps us active. In fact, traveling makes us happier and more fulfilled than buying material possessions, as discovered by a 2014 study. And the icing on the cake is that travel nurses make more money than regular nurses.

If you’re in a nursing program or you’re thinking of studying to become an LPN, you may be wondering if travel nursing could be right for you. Well, worry not because we explain everything entailing nurse travel assignments below.

Can an LPN Be a Travel Nurse?

The simple answer is: Yes! It is possible to become a travel nurse as an LPN. While most nurse jobs will require you to have at least 2 working years of experience, this is not the case with all travel nursing jobs.

Travel nurse pay is not always influenced by your education level or experience. For example, a traveling LPN with 3 years of experience can earn the same amount as one with 15 years of experience.

This makes nurse travel an excellent opportunity for newer nurses who may wish to make more money to cater to their financial needs e.g., pay for their educational expenses.

What Does a Travel LPN Do?

A licensed practical nurse (LPN) provides care to patients in nursing homes, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and correctional facilities. A travel LPN moves to different areas within the country to fill the nursing shortages in medical facilities that need help.

Travel nurses are recruited by an independent nursing staffing agency rather than a single hospital, implying that they go as far as a different state or work within the local hospitals seeking temporary nurses.

Wondering how to choose a travel healthcare staffing agency? Check this out.

Some of the duties of a travel LPN include:

  • Offering assistance to doctors during surgeries and exams
  • Dressing wounds and incisions
  • Delivering important information and counsel with the aim of health improvement
  • Providing and monitoring medications
  • Providing everyday care to patients, e.g., helping them eat, moving them to and from their beds
  • Listening to and advocating for patients

What Are The Qualifications To Become A Travel LPN?

Before choosing this exciting career path, you need to know what is required to become one. Every state has different requirements, and some are more competitive than others. Below are the necessary steps for transitioning from an LPN to a travel nurse.

  • Get your Certification and Gain Experience

Becoming an LPN can be quicker, less expensive way to gain experience in the field of nursing. Most programs are 1 year and require 45 – 50 credit hours. Once you obtain your LPN certification, you will need to gain 1 or 2 years of experience before an agency can place you.

  • Apply for Travel Nurse Position at a Travel Nurse Staffing Agency

Your next step is searching for a travel nurse staffing agency and applying.

A great nursing agency will connect you with the numerous travel nurse opportunities in the country and offer necessary guidance through the steps that follow before beginning your first assignment.

  • You’re Now Ready to Begin Your LPN Travel Nurse Career

After finalizing your paperwork, it is time for the interviewing process. This may take some time, but your agency will help you find a contract. Your desired location may not always be available and that is why it is important to be flexible when looking for an assignment.

Upon getting a placement with an organization, you will need to find housing, which some facilities provide, while others do not. Most agencies will be able to direct you to services that help with this, while others have their own housing departments. Some travel nurses also choose to live in an RV while on their assignments.

If you change your mind about travel nursing later, worry not because the skills you learn on travel assignments can make you desirable for many staff positions. Also, if you like the idea of traveling, but don’t like the facility or location, you can go somewhere new every 13 weeks.

Become a Travel Nurse Today

If you’re an LPN thinking of shifting to travel nursing we are happy to help. AB Staffing Solutions is a reputable staffing company with 20 years of experience in the industry. Take the next steps and make your dreams a reality by applying for travel nursing today. Contact us for more information.

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