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For many travel nurses or allied health professionals, you may have had different experiences with recruiters. At AB Staffing, our travel nurse or allied health recruiters pride themselves on being connected to the people they are placing so they can connect them to the right jobs, but that may not always be the case. As you are researching travel options, consider these for your next recruiter and placement agency.

Not all recruiters and agencies are the same.

This might seem obvious, but we think it is worth exploring. Just like every facility has its own culture, so do agencies. Ask questions before signing on to a specific agency. Do not be afraid to be specific asking questions like,

  • How long has the agency been placing travel nurses or allied health professionals?
  • What type of facilities or areas are available? They may have rural options and you desire urban, for example.
  • What hours will my recruiter be available?

When you speak to a potential recruiter, have a list of questions planned out to ask. After you speak to them, ask for references from other providers with whom they have worked. They should be able to give you a few of their current healthcare providers to talk to before you decide to work them.

Look for a Travel Nurse or Allied Health Recruiter who has these qualities: 

Honesty is the best policy. Select a travel nurse recruiter that will not string you along. It is important for them to be as honest about the jobs, benefits, and housing available as you are about where you want to work.

Available when you need them. Is the agency responding in a timely manner? Are they responding in a professional manner? Did they ask how to best reach you (email, phone, text)? They should be willing to work with you and be available when you need them.

Patience is a top quality. You are hiring them to do the legwork of finding you a good match. They need to be willing to answer all your questions. If you are new to travel or the agency, you will likely have many questions, especially if your last experience was not as good as you hoped. It takes a patient recruiter to guide you through the process to the best match.

Be a good listener. Just as patients want medical professionals who listen to them, you want a recruiter who listens to you. What type of facility do you want? Which areas are your top choices? If you love a position, would you be willing to stay longer than a 13-week contract if asked? Are you willing to take a crisis contract? Your recruiter will ask many questions and the best will listen to your answers and concerns.

Expert in healthcare placement. Your recruiter should have a keen understanding of the travel nursing industry. Nursing and Allied Health jobs, especially during a pandemic, are filled fast. You want a caring recruiter who can match you with the desired position as efficiently as possible. That takes time to learn the industry and makes your initial questions of the recruiter important.

Whether you are new to travel nursing or a seasoned pro, AB Staffing is committed to helping you get you the resources and position you desire. We care. We listen. We place you in jobs you love.

If you are interested in working with AB Staffing as a travel nurse or allied health recruiter or provider, contact us at 888.515.3900 or click here to APPLY today!

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