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If you’re a seasoned traveler, what type of travel nurse assignments are still on your bucket list? Phoenix, Honolulu, and San Diego are among the must-see cities for travel nurses, but those can be crowded with a high cost of living. Maybe you’d like a rural adventure where you can step outside on a day off and hike a trail from your front door. Maybe you’d like to go skiing in the winter or experience 24 hours of darkness in winter or all-day sunshine in the summer. If you’re new to travel nursing, we have a few ideas to help you make a decision.

Travel Nurse Assignment Bucket List  

  1. Beach Assignment. If you’re waiting to dip toes in the ocean or soak up the sun on your days off, then a beach assignment could be in your future! Surf all day. Watch the sunset. Let’s get you to Hawaii , California, or Florida.
  2. Snowy Assignment. If you prefer winter sports like snowshoeing, skiing, and snowboarding, then Alaska is for you! Check out YouTubers Somers in Alaska where you can learn what it’s like living in extreme weather with 24 hours of light and then 24 hours of darkness for months on end.  Not to mention that Alaska has a lot to offer in terms of nature, unique wildlife, adventure, as well as travel nurse assignments.
  3. Remote Assignment. The relatively secluded Supai Falls community is as remote as it is exhilarating. The mail is still delivered by donkey, and you can hike for miles through Havasupai Falls, Beaver Falls, and drink right from the spring bursting from the rocks. As a travel nurse in Supai Falls, you will be helping an underserved community while learning about the people and culture.
  4. A Place You’ve Never Visited Assignment. Where have you always wanted to go? We probably have assignments there! For the truly adventurous, you could close your eyes and point to a map for your next assignment. No matter where you are, your experience will be unique, you will explore, and you will learn.
  5. Outdoors Assignment. Locations across the country offer skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities for your days off. New York, Michigan, Colorado, Northern Arizona, Utah, Montana, and California are a few places where we have travel nurses working. You can be the next one!
  6. Hike A LOT Assignment. We understand from our travelers that they love to hike and there are plenty of places where we have a need for nurses. Assignments near national or state parks offer the best hiking trails along with scenic overlooks, waterfalls, and wildlife. We have assignments in Montana and Arizona that are perfect for avid hikers.
  7. BFF Assignment. Where is your best friend working? Maybe you can join them! If you can work with someone with whom you already have an established relationship, that can be great for both of you and benefit the facility where you’re placed. You can explore new areas together and you will never be alone. It can, however, be challenging for you both to get the same shifts so it’s best to be flexible. Your recruiter can help you find the right place for you.
  8. Rural Assignment. Get out of your comfort zone and work where Amazon and Door Dash don’t deliver. Instead, explore the local restaurants and shops. Unplug from electronics and take a walk. Taking a rural assignment will help you appreciate the amenities you have when you’re working closer to home.
  9. They Really Need You Assignment. Choose a bucket list travel nurse assignment in a community that needs your help. Indian Health Services (IHS) clinics are designed as full-service medical places to treat an array of ailments. Not only are your skills appreciated, but you will also learn and experience a new culture. Learn their language. Attend community events. Share a meal with a local family. We promise it will be worth your time!
  10. Feed the Inner Foodie Assignment. Indulge your inner foodie in a big city like Portland, Oregon where they have an entire city block of food trucks. Enjoy the amenities of big city living with parks, walking and biking trails, community events, free activities, people watching, and more. Urban areas like San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Las Vegas tend to be the highest paying cities for travel nurses. The cost of living is more, but you have access to a plethora of food and drink options that you wouldn’t in a smaller city.

Wherever your travel nurse assignment takes you, we know you will make the most of your time. Get to know the area. Experience the culture. Learn about the people. We know you will have fun at work with your bestie or on days off exploring town. Wherever you land, you will be amazing!

Ready to take the leap to travel nursing? We’d love to chat with you! Contact us today to learn more.

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