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Our travel nurses always put their hearts into their work, this year especially. It’s time to thank them with gifts they can use while on the road whether they’re in a house, apartment, or tiny home. Many of our travelers love exploring the outdoors when they’re not working so we’ve got outdoorsy gifts as well as travel nurse gift ideas for home to keep them cozy through the holiday season.

Adventure Awaits!

No really, the Adventure Awaits artwork from artisans on Etsy includes a map where your traveler can mark all the places they’ve visited and worked. If they’re near national parks, and there’s a good chance they are, you can also purchase National Parks books and journals available from Amazon.

Other book ideas include 50 States or other state-specific books for where your traveler is spending their Winter Travel Assignment like the Arizona Bucket List Adventure.

If your traveler also loves journaling their adventures, we suggest the Scratch Travel Journal from Uncommon Goods or the Travel junkie journal. Even if they’re more of a homebody, they can write about their experience while on the road. The beauty of taking a journal is that it doesn’t take up too much space and it can go anywhere.

For the seasoned traveler who may need a luggage upgrade or replacement, we recommend hardcase suitcases from Away Travel. High quality, versatility, and a variety of styles and colors make this a perfect gift that won’t be lost at the airport in a sea of black rolling bags! Another option is the eBags laptop bags and backpacks which are small enough to be a carry-on for flights. Extra pockets make it easy to organize travel essentials and use when they arrive at their destination.

Let’s not forget the four-in-One adapter pack from Amazon which includes four plugs in one adapter! You can never have too many charging stations whether your traveler is living alone or with roommates.

Another recommendation, especially for your adventurer are Kauai Waterproof bags which can be used for hiking, camping, boating, and RV-ing.

And finally, so your traveler doesn’t get lost even when out of a service area, we recommend the Gaia app. This app will not only provide GPS and maps while online, but also while offline! Download hiking, backpacking, or camping maps so they know where they’re going, even when the internet and cell service are not available.

Travel Nurse Gift Ideas for Home

Many travelers will find themselves away from home for the holidays. These ideas bring home to them including:

Ask your travel nurse what they miss most about home. Maybe they’d like photos of their nieces and nephews or a video chat with friends.

Our travel nurses are busy so when they come home, they like to rest and relax, whatever the size of the space they call home.

Tiny house living – RVs, shared housing, studio apartments

We know we’ve got travelers in RVs, shared housing, and studio apartments. Why not make the best of the small space with these gifts:

  • Personal home theatre smartphone projector. Leave the television at home and give your traveler this mini projector so they can download and watch movies from anywhere.
  • Limited space? No problem! This toiletry bag uses minimal space whether you’re on the road to your destination and/or have limited space at home.
  • This travel Coffee Maker and a YETI tumbler that can be used for hot or cold drinks at home or work.
  • Living in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorite meals. Experience easier meal prep with an instapot and cookbook.
  • Essential oil infused natural wipes from Enfresh to relax you after a long shift or revive you before a long one!

No matter what size space you traveler is living in, they can always use a portable phone charger! Choose from a variety of options from Amazon and other retailers.

We hope we’ve inspired you with our travel nurse gift ideas! Cheers and happy holidays!

For all the travel nurses and medical professionals, we want to THANK YOU for going above and beyond this year. You’ve taken COVID-19 contracts in red zones, work harder than you ever have before and have handled yourselves with grace. We appreciate you! Treat yourself to an item or experience that has been on your wishlist for a long time. You deserve it!

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