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As you complete your nursing school requirements, you have many career options. From choosing a specialty to selecting a city and type of medical facility, the options are seemingly endless. This is partly due to the nationwide nursing shortage and an aging population. As a new graduate, you may be considering travel nursing, and we commend you for that, as nurses are in demand. At AB Staffing, we specialize in travel nursing, carefully matching our candidates to the best places and contracts for them and their families.

The one requirement that is important to note is that most, if not all, contracts require you to have at least 1-2 years of staff nursing experience before you start traveling. While that seems like a barrier, it affords you time to build your resume, research geographic areas, and develop a list of what you’d most like from a travel nursing experience. It will help ensure that you are fully prepared for the exciting adventures ahead.

Travel Nursing 101

Choosing travel nursing after a couple of years of experience is a great choice! Earning power is, on average, more than shift nursing, but you must account for paying taxes in your travel nurse budget. As a traveler, you see parts of the country and meet people you may not otherwise experience. Explore national parks, go sightseeing, and build your network of nursing professionals while learning new skills and building your resume.

Our traveler, Sarah shared her experience as a corrections travel nurse, “Travel nursing appealed to me for the endless travel possibilities. What other job can you have where you get paid to travel and get to move around every 13 weeks if you want? I also enjoy learning new systems, meeting new people, and constantly being challenged. I love that travel nursing provides all of that and more!”

Researching Travel Nurse Agencies

Choosing the right staffing agency will take a bit of research but is well worth it. Search social media pages and groups designed for travel nurses. Read reviews to see what other nurses are saying about their experience. Choose a few and schedule informational interviews. Ask questions like:

  • Will I work with one recruiter or a group? At AB Staffing, we match you to one recruiter who will guide you through the travel nurse process, from searching for available jobs to answering your questions while you’re on the road.
  • What compensation and benefits packages does the agency offer? At AB, for example, we have Housing Specialists to assist travelers, and some positions include healthcare coverage.
  • What specialties does your agency staff? Currently at AB, our highest demand travel nursing specialties include Med/Surg, Emergency Room, Clinic RN, Labor and Delivery, and Corrections.

If the travel nursing agency cannot answer questions thoroughly or transparently, they may not be the right place for you.

Create a Travel Nurse Profile

In our article, Guide to Building a Robust Travel Nurse Resume, we detail where to start and how to continue to create your travel nurse profile, starting with your resume.

  • Basics like your contact information, including full legal name, email, phone, and current hometown.
  • Nursing licenses and certifications include licenses for specific positions for which you may apply.
  • Educational background, including most recent academic accomplishments, name of the nursing school you attended, scholarships received, and accolades.

Then, add nursing or related job experience and specialties.

Think about two to four people who can be a reference for you when you apply for travel assignments. They will need to have an experience equal to or higher than yours. When you identify and apply for positions, give your references notices that they may be contacted and a description of the job along with any guidance of what you’d like them to highlight about your time working together.

Organize your certifications, degree, resume, etc. in one place, preferably in a digital format that makes it easy to travel and share with those who request it.

Contact Agencies

Once you have the required experience, it’s time to take action! Start by connecting with your top two or three agencies. Check their online Job Board to see if they have positions that interest you. Then, contact them and ask to speak with a Nursing Recruiter. Have your questions handy, as well as your resume and professional certifications and licenses, so you can make a good first impression.

As a new graduate, we are excited to join you on your travel nursing journey! We look forward to working with you.

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