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Travel Nursing Offers a Lifetime of Opportunities Professionally and Personally

Travel nurses receive extensive experience in various settings, giving individuals the opportunity of a lifetime, both professionally and personally. If you are looking for more flexibility, higher pay, and a wider range of positions in your nursing profession, consider becoming a Travel Nurse. Positions run from three months up to a year and give you a choice in the locations available. Imagine getting paid to live and work in great locations such as Arizona, Las Vegas, Outer Banks, or Southern California. There is a high demand for experienced, professional healthcare staff in these areas. Why not spend your free time in exciting, beautiful hotspots and get paid to be there.

Who Would Use a Traveling Nurse?

Schools, hospitals, clinics, research facilities, and endless other industries lack the ability to fill their nursing positions while still keeping their costs under control. Hiring a temporary or contract nurse helps them meet state and federal staffing requirements per patient care. These professionals also fill in when there is a staffing shortage or team members are on leave. Since a traveling nurse is an employee of the healthcare staffing agency, wages, taxes, employment expenses, vacations, PTO, continuing education, and insurance premiums are not the facility’s responsibility.

AB Staffing is Key to Meeting Your Goals

AB Staffing is a leading healthcare staffing agency for rural areas, government, and private healthcare facilities. We offer top rates to our staff while creating a cost-effective recruitment solution for short term and long-term contractual positions. Keeping these positions filled with highly trained and educated professionals ensures a high quality of care for patients and their families. This means fewer mistakes and higher access to the right care for those in need.

As a traveling nurse or healthcare professional, there are many advantages to the position, such as:

  • Paid housing and travel assistance
  • Tax-deductible (or untaxed) stipends and per diems
  • 401K plans
  • Dental, Vision, and Healthcare Insurance
  • PTO
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Licensing Reimbursements
  • Credentialing Assistance
  • Higher Pay Rates

Why Should I Consider Being Travel Nurse

Traveling nurses are an important part of the healthcare system because they ease the strain on an already high-pressure system. They offer support, hope, care, and understanding throughout the course of a patient’s care. Schools, hospitals, acute care centers, and even Universities and High Profile Corporations use contract nurses or traveling nurses to fill these jobs.

Most traveling nurse positions require the same licensing status as any registered nurse would need for the job. State licensing and certifications apply to these positions, so interstate licensing may be required. AB Staffing can provide assistance obtaining multiple state licenses and has many job opportunities that accept any state license.

Experience working within a specific medical specialty can also help further careers. As a traveling nurse, these positions are frequently available. Cancer centers, laboratories, and research facilities need skilled professionals to fill many short-term grant-funded positions. Adding these skills to a resume increases future earnings and expands the field of employment opportunities.

What Does a Nurse Educator Do?

Use the opportunity to gain experience in a vast array of facilities to move up the ladder of success in the health field. Match your expertise with the goals you have set by applying for the Nurse Educator position. The job can last anywhere from 3 months to a year, depending on the facility’s contractual needs.

As a nurse educator, you will have opportunities to participate in research programs, serve as a consultant, and gain experience with cutting edge technologies and procedures. You will collaborate with other staff members to create a platform of care and education needed to treat, heal, and support patient programs and their families. They also offer continuing education programs to keep your credentials up to date.

Is There a Need for a Traveling Psychiatric Nurse?

Psychiatric nurses have opportunities across the country in a wide range of settings. Hospitals and mental health facilities are just a few of the obvious positions waiting to be filled. There are also community education facilities, home care settings, and patient and family therapy programs.

These positions require nurses to evaluate, diagnose, and observe their patients closely. They must pay strict attention to even the smallest details, be highly organized with reflexive critical thinking. Excellent communication skills are necessary to consult with other healthcare professions and relaying information to families in a clear, concise, easy to understand manner.

This job requires up-to-date licenses and AHA (American Heart Association) BLS (Basic Life Support), and AHA ACLS course completion cards or certifications. Two to three years of Acute Behavior Health experience.  Duties include the initial patient assessment and continued care during their stay. Many facilities offer flexible scheduling options when you sign on.

Personal Benefits to Being a Traveling Nurse

Take a moment and review your goals and expectations. Have you achieved everything you wanted in your profession? Have you visited all those cool spots on your bucket list? A travel nurse is a perfect occupation to achieve both those goals. You get easy access to continuing education and experience in your field. Expose yourself to a wide range of experiences across various modalities. Meet new people that have similar goals in life. All the while, you are spending your downtime on some of the greatest places in the country. Take control and live the lifestyle of your dreams!

Many nursing positions offer twelve-hour shifts requiring three to four days of work. The rest of the week is yours to do with as you wish. Explore new locations, tour local hot-spots, and take mini-vacations whenever you want. Travel nursing makes it possible to enjoy more of what life has to offer on your terms.

Contact us at AB Staffing or go to our website and browse the open listings available today.  Take control of your future and travel anyplace that appeals to you. Whether it’s a historical city, a famous beach, or a rural location, choose a position that is just as self-gratifying as it is self-satisfying while making a difference in the lives of your patients as a travel nurse.

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