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Travel Pharmacist Position

Whether you’re a seasoned pharmacist or new to the market, if you’ve got the inclination to see the world, or at least a few different cities and states, think about a travel pharmacist position like those offered through AB Staffing. It’s an opportunity to earn travel nurse income and continue practicing your profession while experiencing new people and places.

  • Do you want a temporary job?
  • Would you need benefits?
  • Is the opportunity to work in different places appealing to you?

If you’re okay working a temporary job that may not have paid time off or benefits but where you can continue earning and saving, this could be a great career move!

Benefits of Travel Pharmacist Position

For pharmacists like Stephanie Burck, traveling for work allows her to visit different cities without the commitment of staying for an extended period of time. In Stephanie’s case, she had savings goals so she coupled her assignments with creative thrifty living so she could meet her goal of traveling around the globe in the future without needing to work. She cautions others to be patient in the process of finding the right job that meets your needs or else risk being stuck in job that doesn’t suit you.

Travel pharmacists also mention these benefits:

  • Some placements include lodging or the agency provides resources for lodging options making it simple to move from place to place.
  • Benefits may be part of a contract with an agency so it’s worth investigating.
  • Opportunity to serve the underserved like those in the Navajo Nation.
  • New experiences within your job that build your resume and make you more valuable to future employers.
  • Networking with others in your profession and making friends all over the country.

As your experience increases, you may well become a sought-after travel pharmacist with your pick of locations and assignments. It’s a dream come true for the right candidates.

While these are amazing pros for making a career move, there are cons to consider when selecting a Travel Pharmacist position. 

Even for the most seasoned people, travel can be stressful. You’re living out of your suitcase or boxes and by the time you feel like you’re settled, you might be on your way to your next assignment. While some people may love this no-home base type of living, it’s not right for everyone.

  • If you’re deeply connected to family and friends, travel may be more stressful than adventure for you.
  • Like the Cheers theme song, finding a place “where everybody knows your name” and that you fit in is great…until you have to leave weeks or months later. It can be an emotional roller coaster.
  • The uncertainty of your future can be thrilling for some or anxiety-inducing especially for those who crave the structure of full-time work, pay, and benefits.

Ask yourself if the pros outweigh the cons. Meeting new people and experiencing different cultures while making money and gaining invaluable job experience is what being a travel pharmacist is all about! If you’re ready to take the leap, we encourage you to check our Job Board to see what’s available.

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