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In our previous articles we’ve talked about how to prepare yourself and your home before starting your travel assignment and how to connect during your next travel assignment, so today we want to discuss what to do after your travel assignment. It’s not as simple as clocking out and leaving on your last day; you’ve made connections and it may not be the right time to leave your newfound life.

Communication is key.

Our Recruiters recommend staying in touch with them throughout your journey so you can get to know each other and they can learn about where you’re living and working. Your feedback helps us not only find the right position for you, but also to learn more about the hospital and area where you’re working. If you’d like to stay past your 13-week contract, let your recruiter know as soon as possible. If you’re not sure where you’re heading next, they can provide you guidance as to whether you would stay at your current location, move elsewhere, or take a break from travel.

In addition to communicating with your recruiter, we recommend requesting references from managers, supervisors, and/or Charge nurses; these endorsements can go a long way in obtaining your next travel assignment. Also update your resume and LinkedIn profile with new skills and experience; you never know who might need you!

Saying goodbye isn’t easy. 

Whether you’ve worked a 13-week contract or have extended it for longer, saying goodbye to friends and colleagues can be difficult. While some say they want to make a quiet exit, we recommend leaving handwritten notes or sending emails for those most important to you. Let them know what they meant to you by mentioning a memorable experience you shared or something they taught you. It will mean a lot to them and leave a good impression should you work together again in the future.

Before you get home… 

Just as you prepared your home before you left, you’ve got to get ready for your homecoming.

  • Switch on utilities, cable, and internet.
  • Unforward mail.
  • Plan a coming home party so you can see loved ones. A simple “Here is where I will be for happy hour and would love to see you,” works well.
  • Co-ordinate with your housesitter and/or renter(s) so that the house is clean and ready for your return.

This is a great time to purge items you no longer need. Exchange an old blanket for the handmade quilt you bought while on assignment. Bring your dog’s new toys from the local farmer’s market and ditch the well-used ones. Make room for new possessions by recycling, selling, and donating before heading home.

As you’re wrapping up after your travel assignment, think about what you’d like to do next. If you’re not sure, call your recruiter. Maybe you need a break or a new city or perhaps you’d like to stay longer at your current position. The beauty of travel for medical professionals is that you are in control of your future.

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