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Whether you’re in the beginning of your career as a medical professional, are looking for change mid-career, or are seeking to focus solely on patient care as you look toward retirement, locum tenens work is beneficial. You have the opportunity to live in a new place, network with other medical professionals, experience other cultures, and gain valuable professional experience all while getting paid to do the work that you love.

Beginning of Career

According to Student Debt Relief, the average medical school debt in 2016 was $190,000 and expected to grow as medical school tuition paces with undergraduate tuition increases across the nation. With that kind of cost, it’s no wonder many medical professionals are choosing to locum tenens work at the beginning of their career.

Our locums tell us they earn income and pay off debt at a faster pace than if they accepted permanent positions at local hospitals and other facilities. This also means they are able to avoid mounting interest and fees. Not only that, but the work allows them to experience a variety of specialties that help them decide their focus once they settle into their careers. If they choose to be a locum long-term, they continue to experience a variety of people and places while working on their own schedule.

Working through an agency like AB Staffing is beneficial for networking with other healthcare providers and also eliminates having to negotiate your salary and schedule because we take care of that on your behalf.

Mid-Career Locum Tenens

For those that are mid-career, locum tenens work is beneficial especially if you’re seeking change whether in location, specialty, or workload. You’ve graduated and established yourself but are looking for something different and aren’t looking to retire yet.

Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants choose to temporarily relocate to places like Arizona, New Mexico, or a number of other locations where we have Open Positions to work in private practice, medical groups, hospitals, urgent care, community healthcare, governmental agencies, rural healthcare, and more. Continue your current specialty while enhancing your skills or branch out to a new specialty while at the same time designing your own schedule and experiencing a new culture. If you’re looking for a place to retire in the future, this is an opportunity to check out a new place before making a permanent move.

End of Career Locum Tenens Work

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with running a medical practice or travel nurse hospital department. As you transition to retirement, you may choose to lighten your workload by focusing solely on patient care rather than managing a practice or department, making locum tenens work a great fit for you! Our locums at the end of their careers tell us they love the opportunity to continue to serve communities, earn income, and experience new places. The people where they serve appreciate having seasoned medical professionals making it a win-win for everyone.

At AB Staffing, our recruiters work daily to identify opportunities in a variety of specialties across the nation and match them to medical professionals at all stages of their careers. Interested in learning more? Check out our current opportunities or give us a call!

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