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As a Travel Medical Technologist, you have opportunities beyond what you would in a permanent position. Our Med Techs tell us they love the option to move every 13-weeks or to stay if they’re able to extend a travel contract. While it can be challenging to be away from loved ones, our travelers make connections in the communities where they serve and experience all the culture and outdoors have to offer. For the right candidate, work as a travel Med Tech can be a positive life and career-changing experience.

Career as a Med Tech

As a Med Tech, or Medical Technologist, you have many opportunities to work on the front lines of the hospital. In fact, many Med Techs are finding high-paying travel jobs using their existing skills and experience. While the jobs require a bachelor’s degree, it literally pays to go into this field, especially if you’re willing to travel.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists Medical Technologists as one of the growing fields in the coming years due in part to an aging population and the ongoing pandemic. Med Techs work in hospitals as well as nursing homes so there are ample ways to grow your career.

Travel Med Tech Opportunities

As a travel Med Tech, you will expand your network of professionals, meet new people, be introduced to a new culture where you can meet the locals, attend events when it is safe to do so again, and explore the outdoors. The most successful travel Med Techs are those who spend a couple of years at one facility to learn the basics and then can branch out to explore other places.

In addition, Med Techs work shifts around the clock because patients need tests at all times of the day. As a traveler, we recommend talking to your AB Staffing Recruiter to find a schedule that works for you and your family. Keep in mind that flexibility is key; we try to match you as best we can, but changes are always possible. You might get a job in your bucket list city but a schedule that is not quite ideal. If that’s the case, consider the pros and cons carefully before accepting a contract; it might be worth it to experience the city.

Why Work as a Travel Med Tech?

Finding the right Medical Technologist position takes time and a bit of research, but once you find a great opportunity it can be a huge step forward in your career.

Travel to try something new and beat burnout. Working in the same environment is great as a new graduate to get your feet wet and get comfortable in the field, but once you are settled you may long for something more. When you feel confident in your skills, you have the opportunity to travel and use them at other facilities that need your help. Traveling is also a great way to beat burnout if you are needing a change.

Make more money. Travel med tech positions usually have a higher salary than those in staff positions. Of course, this is dependent on location and facility, but because there is a high demand, you will often have several locations to choose from when looking for a position. 

Learn new skills in a new environment. No matter where you go, you are guaranteed to learn new skills. Not only will you learn things related to your field, but you will likely also learn about a new culture and how to respect and interact with those in that culture. Absorbing all of the information and learning new systems will be invaluable to you in the future.

Travel to places you’ve never been. While you may love your hometown, it may not offer the career you envisioned when you were in school. Freeing yourself of one location means greater opportunities for earning potential, experience, and skills development. You can choose to go somewhere warm in the winter and somewhere cooler in the summer. Check off all the locations on your travel bucket list, while getting paid for it.

While on assignment as a travel Med Tech, we recommend bringing a bit of home with you, staying in touch with loved ones, and enjoying the experience. Our team is here for you every step of the way.

If you’re interested in exploring a career as a travel Med Tech, travel nurse or other medical professional, contact AB Staffing at888.515.3900 or Apply Here.

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