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Thinking about looking for a medical technologist job? It can be challenging but also rewarding. If you’re a patient-centric professional, this may be too much hands-off for you but if you enjoy the industry without a lot of patient contact, then it could be a good match if you’ve got the right skills.  Not only that but because of the high demand for medical technologists, you can afford to be picky. 

Location matters

This one’s fairly straightforward, but some thinking outside the box can help. Often, medical technologists feel constrained by the fixed location of friends or family. This can spell trouble for their job prospects, however, because the most competitive jobs aren’t always in the most alluring markets. If you’re willing to be a bit flexible, working as a traveler can free you from the location constraint and give you access to greater compensation opportunities. With the right offer, you’ll have the financial freedom to see your loved ones often while working at a job that’s right for you.

Salary is only part of the picture.

Salary is often a dealbreaker in our competitive industry. Commanding the highest possible salary is obviously the goal, but consider the cost of living in the area you’re in (if you’re staying put). Don’t just look at travel nurse housing. What’s the price of a gallon of milk? Or childcare? What are the public transportation options, if any? How far would your commute be? Your future career happiness can’t be distilled into just one number.

Career prospects vs. comfort

You may prefer the intellectual rigor of a large teaching hospital, where you’ll encounter complexity and CV-building opportunities often. You might prefer something entirely different, like a rural facility where you know everyone. Where are you headed in your career? Do you see yourself climbing the ladder, or do you love what you do so much you can’t imagine doing anything else? Big-name hospitals offer a lot, but working with friends can’t be discounted.

Research the facility. 

The hospital where you work can have a huge impact on your job satisfaction and retention. As you’re researching, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the organization financially healthy?
  • What do the people in the community think about it?
  • What do the people who work there think about it?

Connect to the local social media to get an idea of the culture before accepting a medical technologist job including the facility where you want to work. Doing your homework on your possible place of work can save you heartache down the road. 

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Read the medical technologist job description.

Job descriptions tell you a lot about both a job and the circumstances you’d be walking into. There are lots of code phrases that should raise red flags. “Fast-paced” (aren’t all healthcare jobs fast-paced?) might mean you need to think on your feet. It also might mean a heavy, unsustainable workload. “Self-starter” — does this mean a comfortable amount of autonomy or that you’ll never, ever see your boss? Whatever questions the job description brings up, be sure to gently explore them if you’re given an interview for a medical technologist job.

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