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Supai Arizona travel nurse jobs (high-paying)

Supai Arizona travel nurse jobs (high-paying)

No one will forget 2020 any time soon. It felt like life as we know it disappeared into a big black hole. There was lurking fear that the lockdown may never end among a host of other issues. For any one working in the health sector, working overtime gained a new definition. And where busy lives, burn out is sure to follow.

Luckily, there’s such a thing as travel nursing. And there are so many untapped perks that come with it. From handsome pay packages to the ability to break away from years of working in the same place, travel nursing is a great option now and in the future.

If you’re a registered nurse looking to work short-term away from home, we’ve compiled an article for the perks waiting for you in different states.

Benefits of Travel Nursing

Meeting your professional vows doesn’t have to keep you in one location. In fact, it should propel you to go wherever your skills are needed. Let’s explore the benefits.

1. Career Growth

You can work for a renowned research facility, rural hospital or a government hospital and find something unique about each of them. It could be the job specialty, type of cases or patient load that you work with that can help you gain experience. Whatever it is, you can find placement for your specific specialization and build your resume.

2. Make an Extra Dime

An average of $66,640 annually for travel nurse jobs sounds lucrative, right? If you have acute care experience you can get an average of up to $100,000. Travel nursing occasionally comes with furnished housing in some companies, and often has medical benefits available.

3. Job Opportunities in Locations that Need Help

It may be hard to secure a job in big cities. But if you’re willing to travel, there are often locations in rural areas with nursing shortages.

4. Work Flexibility

It is much easier to take some time off with travel nursing. You can plan to work for six months and take two months off. Taking leave in a permanent nursing position is difficult, but as a travel nurse you can often take a few weeks off in between assignments and even between assignment extensions.

5. Zero workplace politics

Usually, a nursing agency will handle your paperwork. You only need to do your job and leave when the term ends. It’s kind of like freelance work. Your colleagues are short-term. There’s very little room for workplace politics.

6. Beating Burnout

A change is as good as a rest. A flexible schedule is helpful to beat burnout. Short-term work can help eliminate the causes of burnout such as not enjoying the specific specialty, having a large patient load, or not loving your manager .

7. Developing New Hobbies

A change of scenery can inspire new hobbies. Florida has kayaking and other fun water activities, Colorado and Washington come with some of the best hiking experiences.

Which States Pay the Most for Travel nurse Jobs?

Just like laws differ from state to state, so do salaries. Here’s a list of what to expect in some states as a travel nurse from the highest to lower-paying states.

1. New York 

The empire state is big on travel nurse salaries. In fact, it exceeds the national average by 6.2%. Travel nurses lucky to work in New York earn up to $118,145 annually, $9,845 monthly, $2,272 weekly, and $ 56.80 hourly. Search travel nurse jobs in New York.

2. New Hampshire

The Granite state comes in second to New York with annual salaries of a whopping $114,727 annually, $9,561 per month, $2,206 every 7 days, and $55 and some change for an hour. Search travel nurse jobs in New Hampshire.

3. Wyoming

Have you been eyeing the cowboy state? The pay is the fourth most attractive in the country. You’re up for over 100 grand a year, $105,304 to be precise. Your monthly earnings will be $8,775, $2025 per week, and $50.63 for every hour on the job. Search travel nurse jobs in Wyoming.

4. West Virginia

Travel nurses in Wyoming receive pay packages to the tune of 102,645 per year, $8,554 monthly, $1,974 per week, and at least and an hourly rate of $49.35. Search travel nurse jobs in West Virginia.

5. Pennsylvania 

There’s more to the North Eastern state than the loved shoofly pie, cheesesteaks and the fry-topped salads of Pittsburgh. You can earn up to $102,149 per year, $8,512 per month, $1,964 weekly, and $49.11 per hour as a travel nurse. Search for travel nurse jobs in Pennsylvania.

6. Massachusetts

Travel nurses in the most populous state in New England make $ 101,389 yearly, $8,449 monthly, $1,950 weekly, and $48.74 hourly. Search for travel nurse jobs in Massachusetts.

7. Montana  

There’s palpable vibrancy for pioneer music and cowboy poetry lovers here. Travel nurses take home $99,314 per year, $8,276 per month, $1,910 per week, and $47.75 per hour.  Search for travel nurse jobs in Montana.

8. Hawaii

Hawaii’s mild tropical climate and island feel make it one of the best places to stay. Additionally, a travel nurse pay package is $99,116 annually, $8,260 monthly, $1,906 weekly and $47.65 per hour. Search for travel nurse jobs in Hawaii.

Payment By Specialization

Wondering what to expect in different health care specializations? Here’s a breakdown.

  • ICU Travel Nurses earn $122,246 yearly, $10,187 monthly, $2,351 weekly and  $58.77 per hour.
  • Operating room travel nurse benefits add up to $113,613 per year, $9,648 per month, $2,158 weekly, and $54.62 each hour.
  • An ICU travel nursing gets $112,828 yearly, $9,402 monthly, $2170 per week, and $54.24 per hour.
  • The emergency room attracts $110,908 per year, 9,242 monthly, $2,133 and $53.32 hourly.

Are You Ready to Start Earning Big?

At AB Staffing Solutions, we’ll help you grow your career and travel at the same time. Browse our jobs or contact us today to begin an upward career trajectory today. We will connect you with an experienced travel nurse recruiter that can help you find the job that you are looking for.

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