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We’re excited to offer job opportunities for medical lab professionals. The salary outlook is good, with growth continuing and demand high for diagnostic testing across the country. If you’re looking to travel while gaining experience in your career, the time is now.

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  • Hospitals employ 58% of all medical techs and lab scientists.
  • Labs employ 17% of medical lab professionals.
  • Physicians and universities employ just 13% of the market.

There are benefits to each which we discuss below.

Opportunities for Medical Lab Professionals

Medical Lab Technicians act as detectives to support physicians in diagnosing patients. From bloodwork to preparing tissue samples, and more, you’re on the front lines in hospitals, labs, doctors’ offices, and more. The benefits of working as a medical lab professional include the following.

  • Hospitals typically offer the highest pay and opportunity to work overtime, as well as the opportunity to work directly with physicians.
  • Physicians’ offices and clinics are often lower stress than in a hospital setting and offer a more dependable schedule.
  • Government facilities accept any state license and can work anywhere in the United States.
  • Universities offer working in a specific department as opposed to working in several areas.

Hospitals provide the most job stability along with large medical labs. As a traveler, you’ve got the option to try new areas to see if they’re a good fit for you. This is done on 13-week contracts. Working with your recruiter, you can choose to extend the contract, if available, or find a new contract for you. You could go somewhere new every 13 weeks and explore all over the U.S.

At AB Staffing, we offer opportunities across the country for medical technologists and clinical lab scientists. These opportunities are offered in rural and remote locations in Alaska, Arizona, Montana, New Mexico, and South Dakota. There are also other opportunities in larger commercial hospitals or clinics in various areas across the country. Contract locations will vary based on location needs and the ability to be flexible on where you’d like to travel will help your recruiter find you a job quicker.

As a traveler, you’re offered the opportunity to travel while gaining valuable experience and skills that can advance your career. To be considered for a travel contract, most facilities require 2 years of experience. If you’re early in your career, we suggest gaining experience as a staff employee and then exploring becoming a traveler.

If you’re looking to retire, traveling is also a great opportunity to explore.  You may want to retire, while still earning income and sharing knowledge with younger medical lab professionals. The flexibility of a travel contract is one of the biggest perks. Once your contract is over you can take another or take a break.

Our recruiters are with you each step of the way and are your resource while you’re searching, traveling, and deciding if you will extend a contract. As a medical lab professional, there are many opportunities to explore. Contact us today to learn more.

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