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Travel nursing can be an exciting way to experience new places, meet new people and experience different healthcare systems. It’s also a great way to make money.

If you’re interested in this type of job, consider many things before jumping into it. From questions about salary and benefits to how much time off you will have. Here are our top 10 questions every travel nurse should ask before signing on the dotted line.

  1. What Are Your Expectations for a Travel Nurse? 

Your recruiter should be able to tell you the basic info about the job, but during the interview process, you can ask for more specific details. This includes how they expect you to address problems you’ll encounter, what kind of documentation is required, and if there are any mandatory overtime requirements. If they cannot answer this question clearly, it might not be the right job opportunity for you!

  1. What Is the Nurse-to-Patient Ratio? 

This is a crucial question that will allow you to assess how much attention you can devote to your patients. If there are too many patients for the number of nurses, you run an increased risk of burnout. You want this number as low as possible when it comes to keeping yourself safe and healthy.

  1. Are There Any Other Opportunities for Growth Within the Company? 

A good healthcare recruiter will be looking out for your best interests, including helping you grow in your career. They should do what they can to make sure that you are happy with where you work and give you plenty of chances to advance.

  1. What Is Your Floating Policy? 

You will likely be floating to different floors of the hospital throughout your shift. Some nurses are very comfortable with this, while others need more direction. It can also depend on how much experience you have as a nurse. If you must float, ask how often that happens and if there are specific guidelines about where you can float to.

  1. What Kind of Orientation Will I Get? 

Orientation can make or break a travel nurse job. Some hospitals have a generic orientation where all new nurses are given the same information, while others work individually with each nurse to go over specific policies and procedures that they need to know. Be sure you are comfortable with the job specifics during orientation. If not, make sure to ask questions to clarify what info you need.

  1. Do You Extend Contracts for Your Travel Nurses?

Some facilities are open to extending your contract if you want more time at the hospital. This can be a good thing because it gives you less worry about going back home when you might be fond of your new job. It’s important to know how many times they will extend contracts before starting with them. Some will only extend once, while others might extend multiple times.

  1. How Will My Schedule Be Determined? 

One of the worst things that can happen is to start a job and then find out you don’t like your schedule. It’s important for you to know how schedules are made before accepting a travel nurse position because there should always be some flexibility when it comes time for scheduling.

Some hospitals allow nurses to choose their shifts, while others use a rotation system. In a standard contract, you will have a set schedule before you get there, but there are always exceptions to this rule. If your recruiter says flexibility is essential, you should ask if they consider a change of schedule on special occasions or family events.

  1. What Benefits Do I Have Access to With This Agency? 

Travel nurses should know what they’re getting into before accepting any job. This includes knowing if there is a 401K or other retirement options, insurance coverage, and paid time off. Your recruiter should be able to provide you with all the information about these things so that you can make an informed decision.

  1. How Far Is My Housing, and What Does It Include? 

Housing is an integral part of the travel nurse’s life. You will be living in a new city, and it’s important to know how far your housing will be from work. If it’s too far away, then commuting might take up so much time that there won’t ever be time for you to relax.

You also want to know what your housing includes, such as utilities and internet access. The last thing you need is a huge housing bill to pay at the end of every month.

  1. What Are the Available Resources if a Travel Nurse Has an Issue? 

You need to know who you can contact if you need help while working on your assignment. Ask your recruiter what kind of resources you will have access to if there is an issue while on duty? Will they be there for support throughout your contract?

Good Communication with your recruiter will make your assignment much smoother.

A good recruiter should always have an open dialogue with their employees and should be more than willing to talk through these questions thoroughly until you are satisfied.

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