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More and more of our providers are now requesting to travel with their pets. Making the best of a travel nurse assignment with your pet begins before you leave. Just as you need time to adjust, your pet will too. Before leaving on a new travel assignment, get your pet’s paperwork in order and work with your recruiter to find pet-friendly housing. Once you arrive, find pet-friendly destinations to explore and enjoy! 

Get Pet Paperwork 

As you begin a road trip with your pet, be sure they have proper identification, vaccinations, and paperwork required. You may also want to research veterinarians in your new area and have records transferred as soon as you arrive. That way your pet is ready when they need updated vaccinations or if they have trouble adjusting to their new home. 

Secure Pet-friendly Housing

As you’re working with your recruiter and our housing company, let them know you will be traveling with a pet. They will need to know the type of pet, breed, and special requirements. Does your pet need access to a yard? Will they be okay in an apartment? How close do you need to be to work and home? Whatever makes you and your pet comfortable, is what they want to know. While they may not be able to check every box on the list, they will do their best to accommodate and provide resources.

Arrive Early to Get Your Pet Acquainted

If you have the opportunity, arriving a few days early will be beneficial for you and your pet. Adjustment to a new living arrangement may take a few days, so do yourself a favor and give your pet some time to settle in too. It will also give you peace of mind that they would be okay at home while you are at work.

Protect the Furniture

Blankets and covers are the perfect protection for furniture. This is especially important if you’re in furnished housing. Make sure to be diligent about keeping the furniture protected and clean so you don’t have any surprise costs at the end of your stay.

Visit Pet-Friendly Places

Take walks around your new neighborhood. It will get your dog used to the area and you may even meet other pet owners. To find a nearby park, search dog parks or pet-friendly hiking near your location.

Understand the rules as they can vary. Typically, dogs will have to be leashed until they enter the park or leashed at all times on the trail. For dog parks, your pet will likely need to be fixed or neutered and have current vaccinations. They may need to play in the area assigned for their size. And of course, always clean up after your pet.

If you are hiking, it may be important to note if horses are allowed on the trail, especially if your dog is unfamiliar or uncomfortable around them. You may need to choose another trail instead.

Find Doggy Daycare While On Travel Assignment With Your Pet

Another option for exercise and socialization is doggy daycare. This is especially true if your pet will potentially have long stretches of time at home alone. Even the best of dogs get stressed or scared and have the potential to be destructive.

To find a doggy daycare near you, simply Google “doggy daycare” and your city or town. You will likely see a number of options along with reviews from pet parents. If you’re not finding a facility, download an app like Rover to find pet lovers in your area willing to drop in and check on your pets of all kinds while you are away. Be sure to visit the facility and/or the sitter before leaving your beloved pet with them.

We know our providers love their animals. Make the best of a travel assignment with your pets by being prepared, understanding the rules, and giving you and your pet time for exploration and exercise.

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