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Have you thought about taking a travel nurse contract with your family? Some people think traveling is just for those who are single or don’t have kids at home, but our team of recruiters is here to tell you that AB Staffing has job opportunities for medical professionals of all kinds. Making memories with loved ones as you work in diverse locations around the country is what it’s all about. Keep in mind the following things before accepting a contract.

Discuss a travel contract with your spouse or significant other.

This is a decision that needs to be made together. Both of your needs plus those of children and/or pets weigh into this decision. Can you financially work as a travel nurse? Can your spouse work remotely? Finding a job for them could prove to be challenging if you travel to a remote rural area. 

Consider the needs of the children.

Are there schools close to where you will be working? Could they be homeschooled? Do the children have needs that can be met in a new location? Will you need childcare and is it available? These and more are considerations to make when deciding if travel nursing is right for your family.

Communicate plans with AB Staffing.

Your Recruiter and Housing Coordinator need to know ahead of time that you are traveling with your family. Not only do they want to find the right position for you, but they also want to be sure it is a good experience for your family when it comes to their stay as well.

In our article Housing Tips for Traveling Medical Professionals, we discuss what to ask your Housing Coordinator when looking for a place to live. 

Take only the must-haves.

Whether you’re trying out a 13-week assignment with family or are planning on a longer adventure, we recommend taking only the essentials. Instapots, capsule wardrobes, and a small laptop are among the items our medical professionals always take with them.

In our article Making the Best of a Travel Assignment with Pets, we discuss the best practices for making you and your pets comfortable if you are taking them along too. 

Plan ahead when you’re travel nursing.

Map out your route, taking detours when you can. Get your family involved in the adventure. Do you have a child who loves maps? Let them help! Do you have a child that loves snacks? Let them pack the goodies for the next road trip. We always want your family to be comfortable and as excited about your travel nursing adventure as you are!

Make the most of your days off.

You may only be in one location for three months so make the most of your days off. Ask coworkers and friends for recommendations for the best places to grab local coffee, food, or entertainment. Explore the outdoors. Visit art museums and local places of interest. Attend local sporting events. Soak in the culture at farmers’ markets and celebrations. Enjoy your time wherever you are! 

Get an America the Beautiful Pass.

With this pass from the National Park Service (NPS) is your ticket to seeing more than 2,000 federal recreation sites. It includes entrance fees to national parks, forests, and wildlife refuges. It’s a great learning opportunity for the whole family. This pass typically covers a one-day visit; more information can be found on the NPS website. 

Thinking about taking your family on the road? Not sure what’s next or where to start? Our Recruiters and Housing Coordinators are available to answer questions and find resources for you as you embark on a new adventure of travel nursing with your family!

Interested in finding your dream job? Visit the AB Staffing Job Board to see what opportunities await!

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